Children’s Story Time

Pre-recorded stories for families to enjoy together at home!

Papa, Do You Love Me? Read Aloud

Please join Jen B for a story, followed by wondering questions for family conversation! In honor of staying connected during this busy time of summer, Jenifer Bojanowski is providing pre-recorded Story Time videos between our live, online Summer Sunday School sessions. This week’s book is … read more.

A is for Activist – Story Time Thursday

Black Lives Matter! How do you act out your Unitarian Universalist values?

Bonus: see if you can spot the cat on every page!

A is for Activist was written and illustrated by Innosanto Nagara. Narrated and animated by Saladin Allah.

To promote literacy and literature, Story Time is … read more.

Squirrel Goes to School – Story Time Thursday

What’s your favorite thing about school or homeschool? Has a friend ever helped you when you felt afraid?

Story Transcript:

Squirrel and Trang have been friends forever. They play together every day.

They always have the best time!

One evening, Trang asks Squirrel to come to school with her.

But … read more.

The Day It Rained Fish – Story Time Thursday

What traditions do you have for celebrating your birthday? What do you like to do when it’s raining outside?

Story Transcript:

Avanti was the zookeeper of Pitara zoo. There were many, many animals in Pitara, but Avanti’s best friend was Ballu, the bear. Ballu was big, brown … read more.

I Need To Hide! – Story Time Thursday

Have you ever had something you care about get broken? What does it feel like to have a best friend?

Story Transcript:

What scares me the most? As a piggy bank, I’m terrified of being broken.

What do I love the most? Having a best friend like Na. … read more.

The Dog’s Eggs – Story Time Thursday

Has anyone ever thought that you looked like someone else? Families can look very different from each other, and that’s okay. It’s loving each other that matters. Who is in your family, and who takes care of you? What do you like about your family?

Story … read more.

Gudugu Thadugu – Story Time Thursday

Have you ever asked people in your neighborhood for help? Sometimes going really fast can be scary, and sometimes it can be fun. What do you think?

Join Amber at 11AM, every Sunday in May – for Kids and Families Check-in on Zoom! We will do … read more.

Story Time Thursday – A Very Green Day

Have you ever been upset when you were away from your family? What do you like about trees?

Earth Day was earlier this week, which is a great time to remember our Violet Promise, “value our home, the Earth, that we share with all living things” … read more.

With You Ma – Story Time Thursday

What does it feel like to make new friends? When have you tried something new? What was it like to travel to a new place?

Family Meetup Next Tuesday! Facilitated by Amber Scott, Religious Exploration Coordinator.
Visit with other families on Zoom! Tuesday, 4/21/2020 from 7-8pm. … read more.