The Book of Mistakes Read Aloud

Hello First UU families! Please join Jen B for a story, The Book of Mistakes by Corinna Luyken! This week we say goodbye to January, and open up to February. We have been exploring the idea of Intention – which includes perseverance, risk taking, and even making “Mistakes.” I came across this book yesterday and¬†I had to share it with you! It has the lovely reminder that mistakes can and do lead to new ideas, unexpected twists and understandings, and even beautiful creations.

Activity for the week: Many of you are familiar with, and possibly have the game Candy Land. One of the things suggested in our curriculum is to play a game of Candy Land (or another simple game) and¬†change the rules!¬†Here are some suggestions for how to¬†modify¬†games – to be more cooperative, or simply to have fun with it in a new way. There are no specific rules to changing rules, so the invitation is to talk together and experience an “old” game in a new way. If the changed rules don’t work the way originally thought, no worries – just¬†change them again.

Another fun game is to take a familiar story or song, and change how it goes. Change the characters or the sequence of events in some way. With a song, keep the tune and create your own lyrics. For example, for the “Itsy Bitsy Spider,”¬†maybe an “itsy bitsy kitten, crawled up the window curtains” or the “funny little dog, ran out the kitchen door, went for the treats, and only wanted more…”¬† The goal is to have fun with it! And feel free to share back your creations with us!¬†We hope to see you very soon!¬†-Jen

We already included this song / music video link previously Рbut it is still fun to hear singing about making mistakes! We Gonna Make Mistakes!