The ministers and lay volunteers work together to serve the pastoral and caring needs of the church community. Our caring ministries provide a variety of services, offered by several different persons and groups.

Pastoral Staff

Our ministers, Rev. Marian Stewart (Senior Minister) and Isabel Call (Assistant Minister) are available for individual pastoral consultations, for hospital and home visits, and other pastoral needs. Contact the ministers directly at 614-267-4946.

Pastoral Team

Members of the Pastoral Team are available to provide a church presence and help for individuals needing either short term or long term assistance. The Team is composed of lay members trained by the pastoral staff to serve as compassionate listeners, provide an on-going church presence, and offer other support on a one-on-one basis. A member of the Team is available after each Sunday morning service. Contact Assistant Minister of Pastoral Care, Isabel Call at 614-267-4946 if you or someone you know needs this form of ministry.

Grief/Loss Group

The pastoral staff offers The Healing Journey, a support and sharing group for those experiencing grief due to the loss of a loved one, separation from a partner, loss of a job, or pain from another unwelcome life transition. The series of six weekly sessions is offered several times each year. Contact Isabel Call at 614-267-4946 to talk about this group.

Caring Network

This network of volunteers, led by co-coordinators Gail Baxter ( and Karen Torvik ( or 614-262-3010) provides services when support systems such as family and friends are not available. This short-term outreach includes transportation and meals.

Memorial Services

Volunteer coordinators work with the ministers and family to provide greeters, ushers and receptions in connection with memorial services. Call the church office, 614-267-4946, for an initial contact.

Medical/Orthopedic Equipment Loan

Those in need of equipment for medical conditions may contact Jane Tessier ( or 770-723-0971), to arrange a loan of items offered by church members.

Caring Cards

The Caring Team facilitates the recognition of member joys and sorrows. This includes sending caring cards signed by members on Sunday mornings and acknowledging joys and sorrows from the pulpit during Sunday Services. To request recognition for yourself or someone you know use the online form here (link) or call the church office at 614-267-4946.