Blizzard Read Aloud

Hello First UU families! In honor of the snow, Jen B has a fun story called Blizzard by John Rocco. This story was inspired by the Blizzard of 1978. Which I (and some of you) may remember! I recall all the roads being closed, and what felt like the whole neighborhood out shoveling everyone out on our street. We kids were out making snow forts and snow people. It was an amazing moment of community!

In this week’s story, the snow is amazing but poses an obstacle. With intention, determination, and a little creativity, our hero finds a way! A lesson we continue to visit purposefully this month, and also over and over again in our lives. We invite you to enjoy these moments of snow, and the opportunities to play together. Maybe follow up with a cup of hot chocolate! Feel free to share back any stories or pictures of your child and family at play. -Jen