Please let us know who we should call in case of an emergency. The ministers will hold this information with care. If we learn you are unable to reach out to your emergency contacts yourself, then we will. We may also share your emergency contact information with emergency responders. We encourage you to share it with other friends and family who might be able to help.


Emergencies, by definition, are unplanned. They can happen to anyone.  Everyone involved in our community is encouraged to prepare by telling us what we should know if you were suddenly taken ill or injured.  This form is particularly useful for people with health conditions that might require unplanned medical care. We also ask you to fill it out if you’re engaged in group activities with some risk, like a public witness or protest.


You can fill this out for yourself or for someone else, with their consent.  The person to whom it refers is the “Church Participant.”  You can list up to three emergency contacts for the Church Participant.

Thank you for allowing us to care in this way!



To print a paper form, click the link below. You can mail it to the church office, attention Rev. Isabel.