Governance of the church – overseeing all issues related to personnel and property – is the job of the Board of Trustees.  Six Trustees are elected (two each year for a term of three years) at the annual meeting of the congregation. The Board then elects a Board Chair, Vice-chair, and Secretary.  The Board also appoints a Church Treasurer and an Assistant Treasurer.  These five persons along with the Church Moderator (also elected at the annual meeting) comprise the six officers of the church.  There are ex-officio members of the Board as well.  These are the ministers, the Director of Administration, the Director of Religious Exploration, the immediate past Board Chair, and two youth representatives, selected by the youth to serve a one-year term.  The open Board meetings are monthly on the 1st Wednesday.  You can email the board with any questions or concerns at

Board of Trustees 2021-2022

Don Jones, Board Chair
Jan Phillips, Secretary
Carolee Noonan, Trustee
Julie Pinsonneault, Trustee
Billy Davidson, Trustee
Karen Dawson, Moderator

Lisa Brandt, Past Chair

Laura Hartman, Treasurer

Teddy Davidson, Youth Rep
Caroline Mocharski, Youth Rep

Board Committees

Finance Committee – Debra Boyd, chair

Personnel Committee – Carolee Noonan, chair

Nominating Committee – more information

Board Minutes

Meeting minutes and other board documents

Document Library (pdf)

Mission & Vision Statement (2018)
Constitution (Adopted February 2022)
Governance Policy Book v3 (June 2019)

Communication Policy (5-26-2021)

Covenant of Respectful Relations (Jan 2019)
Healthy Relations Policy (March 2019)

First UU Non-Discrimination Policy (2017)

Child and Youth Safety Policy (3-27-2019)

For other church policies not listed, contact the board, church office, minister or staff.