Beautiful Oops Read Aloud

Hello First UU families! Please join Jen B for a story, followed by wondering questions for family conversation! This week’s book is Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg. Last week we shared with the The Little Engine that Could. What a fun story of persistence and finding courage to do that which we are unsure we can accomplish. Part of moving with “Intention” is making attempts. And, therefore, being open to mistakes and uncertainty. To explore this is the following video of the story Beautiful Oops. We all make mistakes. Sometimes we worry about making them. Sometimes we worry about when we think others have made a mistake. And, sometimes those “mistakes”, happenstances, and choices lead to amazing moments, creations, and discoveries!


We invite you to create your own “beautiful oops” by making a squiggle, and seeing what it may become.  Perhaps you want to make a squiggle, and see what someone else in your family creates from that line, shape, or scribble.  You are invited to share those with us- as it is fun to share those things which we create. Thinking of you!

And here is a link to a video created by Bri Miller and her 3rd grade class, singing about making mistakes!