The Little Engine That Could Read Aloud

Please join Jen B for a story, followed by wondering questions for family conversation! This week’s book is The Little Engine That Could. Written by Watty Piper and illustrated by Loren Long. We can consider some ideas from this story: What is it like to help someone? What is it like to want something and not be sure we can get it or achieve it? What is it like when you do meet a goal or get what you wanted? Who cheers you on? It has embedded in it the idea of “intention” – which is this month’s theme.


Some activities that you might consider this week:

Try a new skill: standing on one foot, hopping, skipping, riding a bike. Or if you can do those already – try doing one while balancing something in your hands or on your head even? Use your creativity and have fun!

Balance a balloon in the air for 1 whole minute, for added challenge you could try 3 balloons, or for a longer time, or add another family member into the game.

Create an obstacle course (could be inside or outside). You can use wood planks (2×4’s or smaller work just fine), logs, rocks… For an outside obstacle course you can simply jump from one spot to another, or add in more challenges like a specific move to get from one place to another, maybe even “a lava pit.” For inside you could use cushions or pieces of fabric to mark spaces to go to, chairs can be used to create tunnels.

These games are meant to enjoy, challenge, and engage our creativity! So, have fun with them! You are in our thoughts.

Please feel free to share pictures or stories if you take on these activities. You can email your photos and experiences to Amber or Jen to be highlighted in a future email, or share for other families to see in the church Facebook group.