All Soles Contra Dance at First UU

Intergenerational, beginner-friendly, welcoming contra dance. No partner needed! New dancers are welcome!

Cost: $8 ($4 for age 12-25). All money goes to pay musicians and callers.

Please bring your own refillable water bottle, and dress in lightweight, loose clothing. ‘Potluck’ snack table, free
childcare, and warm, welcoming dancers. Children who are able to join in the dancing are welcome.

Dances are from 8:00 to 10:30. If you’re new to contra, come at 7:30 for a brief introductory group session. All dances are walked-through and cued by the caller. No experience needed, you will be warmly welcomed into our dance community.

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2019 All Soles Contra & Square Dance Schedule


During fall, winter and spring we dance (mostly) on the second Friday evening of each month. In summer months we dance one Saturday evening of each month. Potlucks occur occasionally.



Saturday, November 30th      Rocky Fork String Band        Kate Power

Friday, December 13th           Jeanie & the Dreamers         Gaye Fifer

Friday, January 10th              Firefly Trace                          Andy Shewmon

Saturday, February 8th          Changeling                           Margaret Goodman

Friday, March 13th                 The Pegheads                      Joe Burdock & Sean Fen

Friday, March 20th                 Countercurrent                      Alex Deis-Lauby

Friday, April 10th                    Trillium                                  Kim Thompson

Friday, May 8th                      Jeanie & the Dreamers         Stephanie Schlie

Saturday, June 20th               Wild Ones                             Jan Phillips

Saturday, July 25th                Animusiacs                           TBD

Saturday, August 22nd           The Pegheads                      Open mic

All Soles Contra & Square Dances are sponsored by First Unitarian Universalist Church, and attract from between 40 to 90 dancers of varying experience and skill levels — new dancers are ALWAYS welcomed. Contras and squares are highly social and connecting forms of early American folk dance in which partners change frequently (no need to bring a partner), no special dress is required (but wear lightweight clothing since things will heat up!). Please wear clean, non-marking shoes to protect the wooden dance floor. Almost all ages can learn. It is said about this type of dancing that by the end of the evening, you will have danced with everyone in the room!

More information about contra dance:

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Questions: Call Jan Phillips at 614.886.2166 or email Jan at

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