Board of Trustees

Governance of the church – overseeing all issues related to personnel and property – is the job of the Board of Trustees. Six Trustees are elected (two each year for a term of three years) at the annual meeting of the congregation. The Board then elects a Board Chair, Vice-chair, and Secretary. The Board also appoints a Church Treasurer and an Assistant Treasurer. These five persons along with the Church Moderator (also elected at the annual meeting) comprise the six officers of the church. There are ex-officio members of the Board as well. These are the ministers, the Director of Religious Exploration, the immediate past Board Chair, and two youth representatives, selected by the youth to serve a one-year term. The Board meets monthly on the 4th Wednesday.


Nominating Committee

Wonder who prepares those diverse slates of wonderful candidates for us to vote on at the annual meeting? Chosen by the membership, this standing committee ensures that church members’ interests are represented by selecting high-quality candidates for the Board of Trustees, the Leadership Development Committee, Moderator, and (if needed) the Search Committee for a settled minister. Serving for two-year terms, the members meet 8-9 times between September and April. Having a broad knowledge of the abilities and experience of church membership and being a team player are the skills they use most.