Curiosity Fridays

Every Friday, First UU Online will explore a question or persons whose story that captures the imagination. Hosted by Rev. Eric. 

Curiosity Friday – Faith Van Horne

Today Rev. Eric interviews Faith Van Horne. Faith is a former First UU Church of Columbus member who graduated from the Methodist Theological School of Ohio (in Delaware) last year and will enter a doctoral program in theology this fall.

(Note: early during the interview I … read more.

Curiosity Friday – Julie Smyth

Julie, a reporter for the Associated Press, was raised at First UU. She and her husband raised their daughter here in turn. Today she and Rev. Eric discuss approaching journalism with a Unitarian Universalist perspective, how we can stay centered during these chaotic and challenging … read more.

Curiosity Friday – Pets (Rachel Kraut)

Welcome back to Curiosity Friday! 

As we’ve seen more of one another’s dogs and cats during our Thursday evening Community Chats and Sunday morning Coffee Hours, this week Rev Eric reaches out to Rachel Kraut, one of the congregation’s pet experts. What does this time of social … read more.

Curiosity Friday – Ask an Expert

Welcome back to Curiosity Friday! 

Last week Deb and Tom talked with us about how to stay creative, and the role of playfulness in doing so. This week, Rev. Eric interviews Katherine and Kyla about how to remain playful while sheltering at home.


Thank You, … read more.

Curiosity Friday – How to stay curious

Welcome back to another installment of Curiosity Friday! 

This week, we’re back to one topic – curiosity itself – and the question, “How can we best stay curious in these challenging times?”

Hello, everyone.

Great to be with you all again.

Welcome to another installment of Curiosity Friday.

I hope … read more.

20.03.27 Curiosity Friday

Welcome back to another installment of Curiosity Friday! 

This week I have two offerings for you. In the first our religious educator Amber Scott joins me to offer a tutorial in now to navigate some of the tech that will help keep us connected to one … read more.