Curiosity Friday – Faith Van Horne

Today Rev. Eric interviews Faith Van Horne. Faith is a former First UU Church of Columbus member who graduated from the Methodist Theological School of Ohio (in Delaware) last year and will enter a doctoral program in theology this fall.

(Note: early during the interview I erroniouisly mention Faith writing a resignation letter. This is what Faith wrote about that following our interview: “When you mentioned a resignation letter, it made me think. I went through my emails, and I did see an email exchange between us from 2017 where I stated I was making space to explore the Christian faith, as it was very new and different, and that’s why I had not been at church. I can see how that could have been interpreted as a resignation letter of sorts, even if I didn’t explicitly mean it that way.” Memory is a funny thing. I doubt I did interpret her email then as a resignation, but I certainly did remember it as such later on. I’m glad to have that sorted out now.)

Thank You, Faith!


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