Topic: Social Justice

Coloring Outside the Lines

How can we best become a box of crayons? Multi-hued and complementary to one another… Each color contributing to the big picture.

The worship theme for April is “Interdependence”.

Transformation Through Perseverance

There are so many ways we would like to see our community and our world transform to become a more loving, just, and inclusive place! It often takes perseverance, consistency, and working together over a long period of time to make these transformations.  Come hear … read more.

A Beloved Community

UU communities often speak about a Beloved Community.  But what does this term, made popular by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., mean?  And what are we, as UUs in the modern era, called to do to create this Beloved Community?

The worship theme for February … read more.

Living the Pledge

The worship theme for January is “Liberating Love”.

This week: What would it look like if we made a commitment to anti-racism as a congregation? How have other UU congregations committed to this journey?

This is My Song

“This is My Song” The terrible events in Israel and Palestine have been much in our minds and hearts. Rev. Terasa will share some of her experiences in visiting there 3 years ago, and thoughts about what religion has to do with it.

The worship theme … read more.

A Personal Reckoning

We’ll be talking a lot about what it means for the congregation to actively be an anti-racist church.  I will talk about where my journey toward anti-racism has taken me.

The worship theme for October is “Heritage”.

Our Liberation is Fractal

The headlines and looming environmental crisis can overwhelm us with worry for our world. It can be easy to despair, to feel like just one person can’t make any difference. Adrienne Maree Brown’s Principles of Emergent Strategy teach us that our world is fractal and … read more.

Connecting to your Justice Center

This month’s worship theme is “Finding Our Center”.

Justice is central to our UU values and our First UU community. What is your niche in justice work? How do you, or how do you want to express your self interest & values?

Our Share-the-Plate donations in … read more.

Where Will You be Tuesday?

In November we are exploring the theme, “Change” across our congregation – in worship, in small groups, and in religious education. Join us as we make the journey!

Our Share-the-Plate recipient for November is Sedona Grace. ​The Sedona Grace Foundation provides dog and cat food to Central Ohio food pantries … read more.