Topic: Community

Music Sunday

Music is an integral part of our worship and our lives.  Come join us for Music Sunday as we learn, celebrate, and enjoy music together.

The worship theme for April is “Interdependence”.

Weaving the Web of Community

As we launch our Stewardship Campaign to ask for your commitments to the next church year, we will explore the values we are asking you to invest in, and what coming together as a community can look like.

The worship theme for April is “Interdependence”.

Does the Story Have an Ending?

One of the goals of this first year of developmental ministry is to deepen the connections between one another.  One of the best ways to do that is to share our stories with one another.  We have our individual stories and our congregational stories – … read more.

Cycles of Growth & Change

We often think of change as something that is linear: we go from here to there in a straight line. Actually our experience of change goes in cycles in which we have to come to terms with what we’ve lost before we can embrace what’s … read more.

Music Sunday

Enjoy seasonal music from a variety of traditions, with festive performances by Spirit of Life Choir, Chalice Choir, and Peace Pals children’s choir.  Enjoy the Holiday Cookie Fair after the service!

Presented by First UU Director of Music and Chalice Choir Director, Dr. Brandon Moss, along … read more.

Next Steps. . .

Next Steps on the Journey:

Our congregation is embarking on whats called “Developmental Ministry” which is Rev. Terasa’s role but also the congregations.  Rev. Terasa & Rev. Sunshine Wolfe will share their hopes for this process and invite you into this shared ministry.

The worship theme for … read more.