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Tuesday Talk 9/17/19


Maddie Catty taking a break while Rev. Marian works on Sunday slides and service.

Tuesday Talk

Our guest columnist is Rev. Kathleen Fowler and she has exciting news/opportunity…

First Unitarian Universalist Church and the Jung Association of Central Ohio (JACO) are announcing a partnership that promises benefits to both … read more.

Tuesday Talk 9/13/19


Brian Hagemann and Dave Richter are ready to welcome you to Middle Hour!
They are standing in Beach Hall at one of the new tables for Table Top Conversations. Don’t worry, there are chairs too.

Tuesday Talk

It’s way past Tuesday! Big apologies for the lateness of Tuesday … read more.

Tuesday Talk 9/3/19

Rev. Sylvia Howe (front) with Rev. Paul L’Herrou and Rev. Eric outside ICE offices witnessing for Edith’s Stay of Removal.

Tuesday Talk

Wisdom from an Elder (and retired UU minister) …

Once upon a time when I was a newly minted parish minister, I had a “two-point-charge” (two … read more.

Tuesday Talk 8/27/19

Hello First UUers,

Allie Bonsteel here. I’m back for my monthly Tuesday Talk as Board Chair.

In late July, several members of the Board gathered at Carolee’s house for dinner and conversation to wrap up last year and welcome new Board members. Over grilled hamburgers (or veggie burgers), salads, … read more.

Tuesday Talk 8/21/19

Hello First UUers,

Wow! It is so good to be back home. Vacation was wonderful but as Dorothy says in the Wizard of Oz, “there’s no place like home.” I might not have Toto in my arms, but my, oh my, has my little kitten grown into … read more.

Tuesday Talk – 8/13/19 Meet Kelli

Hello First UU!
This is Kelli McNeal, your new Congregational Life Coordinator. I am so thrilled to be joining the staff here at First UU. It was an absolute pleasure to get to meet some of you on Sunday at the Welcome table after the … read more.

Tuesday Talk 8/6/19

Please welcome our new RE Coordinator!

Hello First UUers,

This is Amber Scott, Religious Exploration Coordinator here at First UU.  Rev. Marian is away on Study Leave and vacation, returning on August 20t

Thank you for sharing your warm words of welcome as I join the staff … read more.

Tuesday Talk 8/1/19


Kids Take A Stand!
Red Oak Community School Fundraiser for children
affected by the border crisis

Hello First UUers,

This is Brian Hagemann, Director of Administration here at First UU. Rev. Marian is away on Study Leave and vacation; she’ll return August 20th.  It’s been a while … read more.

Tuesday Talk 7/24/19

Times and signs are a changin’
(Replacement sign at High and W Weisheimer)

Tuesday Talk
and sometimes a little later…

I am away on Study Leave and vacation. I will return on August 20th. I hope you enjoy our guest hosts for Tuesday Talk. Take care and I’ll … read more.

Tuesday Talk 7/2/19

Hello First UUers,

Happy Anniversary First UU!  On Thursday, June 27, 1940, 18 members signed a charter as the First Unitarian Church of Columbus.

This past Sunday we said goodbye to our ministerial intern, Amanda Hays. It was bittersweet as they say. Sad that we will be … read more.