Table Talk Tuesdays

Join Rev. Marian for an informal conversationĀ about creating life while sheltering in place. Topics will vary and you can add to the discussion on our discord app.

Table Talk Tuesday – Birthday!

This week’s edition of Table Talk Tuesday takes us to the front yard of First UUer Marilyn Beerman. On her birthday last week, fellow choir members gathered (socially distanced and masked) to sign Happy Birthday to her. Marilyn was surprised and delighted. Of course, there … read more.

Table Talk Tuesday with Karen Keenan

Yum! Another recipe just in time for the Memorial Day weekend. Karen Keenan takes us into her kitchen as she makes a family favorite dessert. It is an easy recipe that is oh so good.

Apple Cake

Ā½ cup butter or margarine, melted

1 cup sugar

1 egg, beaten

1 … read more.

Table Talk Tuesday – Behind the Scenes

Today’s edition goes behind the scenes. What does it take to put together an online worship service? A lot actually. In this video blog you’ll hear First UU staffers reflect on what they do to contribute to making our services meaningful, content rich, and relational. … read more.

Table Talk Tuesday – Cooking with Elaine

Today’s edition is yummy. Learn how to cook from your pantry and be healthy too. Elaine Fujimura shows us how to combine ingredients and use substitutes to create an easy, colorful, and tasty meal. Her recipe for Nourishing Pantry Bowl is below.



Elaine has been a … read more.

Table Talk Tuesday with Donna at the piano

This week’s edition features longtime First UUer Donna Greenman. In the video, Donna shares how music influences her life and how it helps in times like these. She even shares what it is like to offer music lessons online! Her closing blessing for all of … read more.