With You Ma – Story Time Thursday

What does it feel like to make new friends? When have you tried something new? What was it like to travel to a new place?

Family Meetup Next Tuesday! Facilitated by Amber Scott, Religious Exploration Coordinator.
Visit with other families on Zoom! Tuesday, 4/21/2020 from 7-8pm. We will light the chalice, share joys and sorrows, and have the opportunity for show and tell. The theme for show and tell is “signs of spring.” Please bring something that reminds you of spring to share with the group! For login information, please email Amber.

The Seven Promises of Unitarian Universalism (Kids’ Principles) 

We believe…
Red – Every person is important
Orange – Be kind in all you do
Yellow – We’re free to learn together
Green – We can search for what is true
Blue – All people need a voice
Indigo – Build a fair and peaceful world
Violet – We care for the Earth

Story Transcript

“With you, Ma!” says Aadya. Ma wants Aadya to pack her bag. They are going to an island called Majuli in Assam. “Why don’t you try packing by yourself?” says Ma. But Aadya keeps sitting by her side.

“With you, Ma!” Ma is buying tickets. Aadya runs fast to stand with her. Majuli is very far! We took a plane, a car, and now a ferry ride! It’s a big ferry – so many people. But everyone is smiling. There’s water, all around.

“With you, Ma” says Aadya. She wants to go on the same scooter as Ma. They are going to be staying in a school for two days.

The next day, Ma and Aadya visit the school. “Hi! I’m Kim-kim and this is my sister…” “Aallooo,” says Muang-muang. “Do you want to play? Come.”

“With you, Ma!” says Aadya.

Within a few minutes Aadya and Kim-kim become best friends. “Ma, see me.” Adhumpa! Adhumpa! They jump from log to log. Tok-tok! Tok-tok! Tu-duk! Tu-duk! They ride a wooden horse. Ssssrrrrr-tik-tik! Sssssrrrrr-tik-tik! They play in the sand. Duuurrrr- drrrrrrr! They run around with their wooden scooters.

“Ma, see me.” Gudu-gudu-gudu-gudu. They run to the hand-pump Chapppp-chapppp-chapppp-chappp. They splash in the water. “Aadya, it’s time for food!” says Ma. “Feed me, Ma!” Nom-nom-nom-nom. They eat rice and daal. BUUURRRRRRPPPPP! 

Tip-tip tip-tip tip-tip tip-tip. Droplets fall from the sky. “Aadya! Come! We are going to the river,” says Kim-kim.

Gudu-gudu-gudu-gudu. Dhop-dhum-dhup-dhom. Frrrrrrr-shhhttttt. Wrrrrr-wrrrrrrrrrrr. Dip-dip-dip-dip. Nomnomnomnom! Ma watches Aadya as she comes back with her new friends from the river. They are laughing and eating berries.

The next day, Ma and Aadya get ready to go home. “Aadya, let me help you with your shoelaces,” says Ma.

“On my own, Ma!”


Creative Commons Attribution Text: With You, Ma (English), written by Adith A.K., illustrated by Amalendu Kaushik, published by Pratham Books (© Pratham Books,2020) under a CC BY 4.0 license, first released on StoryWeaver. Read, create and translate stories for free at storyweaver.org.in