Topic: Personal Growth

Safety is Not Enough

Safety, though a human need, is never enough. In fact, alone it alone it becomes a trap. It needs to be balanced by a willingness to be brave.

One Step, Smile, Candle at at Time

As nights are at their longest, we don’t look only to candles to light our spirits, we look to the compassion of others as well. One step and smile at a time.

Letters of Hope (Auction Sermon)

The world is challenging and at times we don’t know where to turn. The question for today is, Where do you find hope? If you were to write a letter about hope to younger generation(s), what wisdom would you offer? Email your letter (100-250 words) … read more.

Remembrance Sunday

This morning we continue our annual tradition of welcoming those we carry with us in spirit. Please bring a photo of, or another object representing, those we still love who are no longer with us.

7 By ASH

The August 4 service, 7 By ASH, will be presented by the First UU’s Atheist, Skeptic, and Humanist Group, otherwise known as ASH. It will explore the Seven UU Principles as seen by ASH members, including addressing how we can “be good without God.”

Freddie’s Message

The music of Queen with Freddie Mercury’s powerful voice grabbed our attention in 1975 with the release of their third album “A Night At the Opera.” We were reminded of the swath they cut with the recent biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody.” I believe their music reminds … read more.

RE Sunday

This morning, our annual Religious Exploration Sunday, we will hear from several volunteers who will share with us what they learned teaching the children and youth of this faith community. At the close of each service our children will lead us back to Fellowship Hall … read more.

From Where We Sit

What is the view of the world from where we sit? What is the view we see on Sundays? Does it matter? What does it mean? Turns out, where we sit can stir up all sorts of things. Sometimes, even the light makes a difference.

… read more.