Rabbit Becomes a Chef – Story Time Thursday

What’s your favorite food? What do you like to cook to share with your friends? I’d love to hear your answers!

Story transcript:

“Every day, I eat only raw carrots,” Rabbit said to herself. “I’m tired of raw carrots!”

“Hmm, what can I do to make these better?”

That afternoon, she went to the farmer’s house and saw a pot boiling over the fire. Mmm, mmm!

Just as she started to have an idea the farmer’s dog came barking and chasing after her.

“Hmm,” thought rabbit. “What should I do now?” Rabbit tried cooking the carrots by leaving them in the sun. But the carrots remained just as raw as before.

Then, she tried putting them directly in the fire. When she tasted them, they were very bitter!

She thought and thought and thought about what to do. Finally, she had an idea! First, she found an old tortoise shell. Then, she collected some sticks, and three stones.

Hooray! Rabbit finally had a way to cook her carrots. She was so excited that she invited all her friends. And they all had a meal of delicious cooked carrots together.


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Creative Commons Story Attribution: Rabbit Becomes a Chef (English), translated by Magdalena Cooper, based on original story சுவையான சமையல் (Tamil), written by Chammi Iresha, illustrated by Chamath Prasanga Lokuliyana, published by Room to Read (© Room to Read, 2016) under a CC BY 4.0 license on StoryWeaver. Read, create and translate stories for free on storyweaver.org.in