February 26th

“Awe: Deeper, Wider, More Whole”
This month’s worship theme is “Love”.

Our Share-the-Plate donations in February go to People’s Justice Project, a non-profit grassroots organization of working people and communities of color united across Columbus, Ohio. They work to confront police violence, end mass incarceration, and promote safety and health in our communities.  Please consider donating in person or online to support our wider community and the work of PJP.

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UC Berkley professor Dacher Keltner writes, “Awe is the emotion we experience when we encounter vast mysteries that we don’t understand…Our research suggests that just a couple of minutes a day will do.” In a world of changing alliances, climates, emotions, he continues “awe brings us joy, meaning, and community, along with healthier bodies and more creative minds.” Where were you when you last experienced awe? And who were you in that moment? This morning we will focus on the wholeness at the core of spiritual experience.

Rev. Elaine Strawn finds Spiritual Companioning with individuals deeply engaging. She was the minister at the UU Fellowship in Wooster, OH for 23 years as that congregation grew and expanded ministry. She now serves as the co-Chair of the regional Commissioned Lay Ministry Council. She, her partner Jane and their Welsh Corgi, Evie, live in Akron, Ohio