Meditation Monday – Labyrinth Lectio Divina


Happy Monday!

Today, we’re going to walk through a spiritual practice that we did several weeks ago, Lectio Divina.  This is an ancient practice of meditation and reflection on a reading that one finds inspirational or maybe is trying to pull more meaning out of.  Today, we use a book that I highlighted in a worship service this fall, Voices from the Margins.  You can find a link to the book here if you’re interested in purchasing it.  I highly recommend it.  This is a book of short meditations and readings from ministers of color in our denomination.  I find so much inspiration each time I flip through its pages.

Today, we focus on Rev. Leslie Takahashi’s poem, Labyrinth.  It is a short poem that I find myself going back to whenever I feel lost or disconnected and I need to refocus.  I hope you are able to find whatever it is you need to find this morning in this poem.

After you finish this Lectio practice, hop on over to Discord or shoot me an email with what arose for you during this practice.  I really look forward to hearing from you!

Sending virtual hugs,