For as much as the pandemic has impacted us, as relentlessly as troubling politics, and as persistent as racism remains – there is another powerful movement: the movement of love, kindness, and human connection – always at work, a movement we can be a part of every day in small and big ways.

Which is why, this spring, we invite YOU, starting with the First UU community of every age and stage, and then growing out to ANYONE, EVERYWHERE – to join us in spreading kindness; little acts of kindness that spread joy and love! We encourage the whole family to take part.

How do you participate in spreading kindness?

  • It can be very simple, something you can do in an afternoon or weekend!
  • As soon as you do an act of kindness, fill out the form below [COMING SOON] to lift up your act of kindness and encourage others to participate!
  • While we can imagine many people will want to participate within our church community and we certainly encourage that, don’t forget the power of any act of random kindness to strangers and neighbors.
  • Offer as many random acts of kindness as you like to anyone inside (or outside!) the First UU community.

What acts of kindness can I do?

Below are just some suggestions! Don’t feel limited by them.

Simple/low cost ideas:

  • Babysitting coupon
  • A very intentional note celebrating what you love about someone but never put in words
  • Spring clean someone’s yard, rake/mulch.  Help with planting
  • Leave drawings, paintings from children somewhere to be found
  • Chalk art, painted rocks or rocks covered in glitter in random spots along the sidewalk
  • Walk dogs
  • Fix something you’ve noticed needs fixing for someone 
  • Take kids on a bike ride to give parents time to not parent
  • Arrange to run errands or give needed rides
  • Drop off a poem
  • Send a link of a meaningful song via text
  • Send a video compilation of friends/family saying nice things
  • A video with children they know singing a song
  • An outdoor, socially-distanced concert for them and their loved ones
  • A game of four-square/badminton/bocce ball/pickleball
  • Set up a fun obstacle course for the family
  • Clean gutters
  • Clean windows (Level up: come with a ladder to clean second-story windows)
  • Share jokes — or write them in sidewalk chalk!
  • Some annuals (flowers) (even better, if they want you to, plant them)
  • A list of your top 10 Netflix shows they should watch with a nice note about them
  • Perform magic tricks
  • Wash their car (and vacuum?) (and remove all the granola bar wrappers the kids left)
  • Invite them to a scavenger hunt with a special prize at the end
  • Jar of affirmations or compliments (you can give yourself one when you need it)
  • Glitter fingernail polish
  • Puzzle
  • Plant clippings
  • Drop off a kitty (be sure to take it home again afterwards)

Even more ideas, but not too crazy

  • Bring a meal
  • Drop off flowers
  • Bake cookies
  • Gift card
  • Fix something you’ve noticed needs fixing
  • Give them something you made (jewelry, sign, knitted hat, etc.)
  • Pay for someone’s meal at a restaurant
  • Pay for someone’s Starbucks (or Crimson Cup!)
  • Bring a pot of soup
  • Bring a loaf of bread
  • Bring them a jar of homemade jam
  • Bring them a basket with snacks or a dinner
  • Bring them a copy of your favorite book
  • Bring them a movie and popcorn
  • Pay for someone’s groceries in the grocery store
  • Deliver soaps, relaxation items (essential oils)
  • Make GIGANTIC BUBBLES! in your front yard for the neighbors.  Like the kind you use a rope on a stick to make.
  • Give funny socks
  • or… ALL the flavors of lip balm!
  • Give adult coloring book and fresh colored pencils
  • or… ALL the different colors of glitter glue!
  • Surprise with Play-doh in multiple colors for family with young kids
  • Wind chimes for neighbors porch
  • Cookie dough for making fresh-baked cookies
  • A set of masks (homemade or otherwise)


Kindness Tracking Form:


Kindness Tracking Log: