Friday News – July 28, 2023

As you may know, we are in the middle of changing both our membership software, and our accounting software to options that are more user friendly and will have the opportunity for all of you to log in and change your own information! With any major change like this, there are always a few hiccups and complications along the way.

If you are a pledging member and pay your pledge through ACH, there has been a delay in processing the contributions in July due to this database transition. All July pledges were submitted on Thursday (7/27) and we hope to be back on schedule for August. If you are NOT on autopay for your pledge and would like to be, please contact our bookkeeper Joe ( Thank you so much for your patience as we continue to work hard on this transfer.

We also have a number of members who have outstanding pledges from last fiscal year. If you are unsure whether you have completed your pledge or not, please reach out to Joe.

Also, speaking of improving our new fancy database, if you are a leader of a group or a class and would like to be in our Engagement Catalog, participate in our Fall Engagement Fair, and would like to be recognized as an official group of the church, please let me know! Andi and I are working on getting all groups set up in the database, and we want to make sure that we don’t miss anyone, and that we can support you fully! Please send me:

  1. the name of your group/class,
  2. the name and contact information for the group contact,
  3. when your group/class meets,
  4. and a brief paragraph describing your group.

Thank you everyone!

Blessings friends,
Rev. Kelli McNeal
Minister of Congregational Life

The deadline for Friday News submissions is 8:00pm Wednesdays. To request a submission to the newsletter, email
Deadline for Sunday service materials is 11:00am Thursday morning.
Announcements at a Glance

* Indicates New or Updated Announcement
  • Greetings From Your Board of Trustees *
  • Hope For Us Recordings *
  • Summer Read:¬†Transforming Conflict, by Rev. Terasa Cooley
  • This Sunday: A. S. H. led by Tom Baillieul¬†– 7/30¬†at 10am *
  • Sunday 8/6/ – Poetry Service: Su Farnlacher
  • SUMMARY:¬†Upcoming Services
  • BREAD:¬† Juvenile Justice Part 2
  • Help a 1st UU Family: Save Community¬†Grounds! *
  • Join the Coffee Team!
  • Fourth Friday Picnics in the Park! – 7/28, 8/25, 9/1
  • Calling All 1st UU Artists for upcoming Exhibit
  • Bring Your Friends to Peace Camp!
  • 1st UU Artist Exhibit submissions 8/27
  • 1st UU Art Exhibit “Being on the Side of Love” ¬†9/1 – 10/9
  • Upcoming Auction Events
  • Labor Day Retreat @ Hocking Hills 9/2 – 9/4
  • SUMMARY:¬†Events Calendar
  • SUMMARY:¬†Classes and Groups
  • SUMMARY: Community¬†Events
  • Volunteer to Teach Next Year!
  • SUMMARY: Family Events
Greetings From Your Board of Trustees

Get ready to join some of your Board members and fellow congregants at our Annual Multi-Generational Labor Day Retreat. Unfortunately, costs have increased. And, we will do our best to assist folks who need financial help. There will be hikes, sing-a-longs, campfires, a talent show, worship, happy hour, and PEEK! We’ll gather from Saturday, September 2 for lunch until Monday morning after breakfast at Camp Oty’Okwa in Hocking Hills. You can register here: Register for the Labor Day Retreat

Your First UU Board of Trustees,

Billy Davidson, Su Ann Farnlacher, Sarah Mayabb, Julie Pinsonneault, Chris Sullivan, and Cindy Whicker

Calling all 1st UU Artists!! 
It’s time to et ready for our fall UU Artists exhibit-“Being on the Side of Love.”¬† Let’s welcome our new minister and congregation with what we love to do, make art, talk with friends, sing together, walk in nature,¬† share poetry, read books, solve problems, unite in a cause and more.¬† Drop off is Sunday August 27th.¬† Make sure your pieces are ready to be hung.¬† This exhibit will be Sept 1- Oct 29.¬† Questons? Contact Deb Baillieul¬†614-697-6968
Justice & Art
¬†Take some time to look at the art-¬† “Pay It Forward,” by Jim Fussell, painter, social justice activist and incarcerated person.¬†¬†What do you do 40 years in prison?¬† Jim paints and donates these to people and organizations so that they can find ways to benefit the community.¬† Sale of Jim’s paintings will benefit the Ohio Justice and Policy Center.¬† Take time to read his story—in the Gallery and Worship Center.
Q’s? contact Deb Baillieul¬†
Congregational Summer Read
This summer, many folks in our congregation are reading Transforming Conflict as part of our preparation to do developmental work alongside Rev. Dr. Terasa Cooley.If you have not yet purchased a copy of Rev. Cooley’s book, Transforming Conflict, copies ($22 each) will be available in Beach Hall after Sunday services. Rev. Terasa has suggested that we add this to our Summer reading lists.
7/30: Aethiests, Skeptics, & Humanists:
“Perception vs Reality”
Join us for our Sunday service at 10am on July 3oth. Led by Tom Baillieul our Long-time 1st UU member, and member of A.S.H.

Over the millennia the human ability to question, imagine & create has allowed us to expand our UU understandings of reality and our place within it.

Upcoming Services Summary
  • 7/30 – 1st UU ASH (Atheists, Skeptics, Humanists), Tom Baillieul
  • 8/6 – Poetry Service, Su Farnlacher

Monthly Themes

  • Summer: Delight
  • September:¬†Welcome
First UU Takes Action for Democracy!
Write letters to help Ohioans Vote on Sunday, July 30, after the service!
Ohio has a new Voter ID law, and many voters may not be aware of that. Our Democracy Team is partnering with VoterRiders to get the word out. We’re writing to Ohioans who have voted in the past with forms of ID that are no longer accepted (like utility bills), and sending them information on the new ID requirements and how to contact VoterRiders for help in getting the needed ID. So far we’ve sent more than our initial goal of 300 letters to voters. Thank you to everyone who has helped. This will be our final Sunday writing letters before the election; we hope to hit 500 letters. Join us in Beach Hall after the service.

August 8 Special Election: Make a Plan to Vote

Ohio has a special election on August 8. There is one question on the ballot, Issue 1, a constitutional amendment that would:

  • Make it harder to pass future amendments: amendments would need 60% of the vote to pass instead of a simple majority
  • Make it harder to get future amendments on the ballot: campaigns would need to gather signatures from all 88 counties instead of just 44, and the cure period would be eliminated

Issue 1 is specifically¬†aimed at making it harder to pass the abortion rights amendment that’s expected to be on the November ballot. However, it would affect all future amendments, such as the anti-gerrymandering ballot campaign planned for next year. Many voter rights organizations from the League of Women Voters to the ACLU have come out against Issue 1. As UUs, our fifth principle describes our commitment to the use of the democratic¬†process in our society. We hope you’ll consider how Issue 1 will affect democracy in Ohio, and turn out the polls to make your voice heard.

Make a plan to vote! You have three options:

  1. Vote by mail: Request your ballot by next Tuesday, August 1. If you do not have a printer, we have absentee ballot request forms at the JAM table. You can vote by mail with the last four digits of your Social Security Number; this is a good option if you do not have the needed ID to vote in person.
  2. Vote early in person at your county Board of Elections. (For Franklin County, that is 1700 Morse Rd.) Right now, the hours are Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM. (Full list of hours.) You will need a valid photo ID to vote in person.
  3. Vote in person on Tuesday, August 8. Check your polling location; it may be different than usual for this election. You will need a valid photo ID to vote in person

Questions? Ask at the JAM table or email

Join the Coffee Team!
Do you like coffee? How about people? Would you appreciate a low commitment way to get more involved at church? Come be a part of our coffee ministry on Sunday mornings!

Sign up at this link! There are detailed instructions in the kitchen cabinet, or you can shadow on a morning if you prefer an in-person how-to. Want to know more about what the job entails? Email Christine!

Fourth Friday Picnics at the Park!
Over the summer months our regular spaghetti dinner shifts to a BYO picnic. Meet us at the lower playground picnic area in Whetstone park from 5:30-8pm for some laid back socializing. Bring food for yourself, maybe a lawn chair or two, or even a game, and enjoy the (almost) summer evening with First UU friends!

Upcoming summer picnic dates: ¬†7/28, 8/25 and 9/1.¬†Rain Location: Beach Hall. In the event of rain, a notice will be put on the Facebook¬†group, and we’ll fall back to Beach Hall.

Juvenile Justice Part 2

Columbus City Schools
  • ¬†In the Columbus City Schools, our research shows that kids receive varying degrees of discipline when they are disruptive, insubordinate, and/or bully other kids. The discipline is inconsistent and likely ineffective in reducing future incidents. It punishes kids rather than restores them to the community.
  • Suspensions are one example of this response. Suspensions punish children without any real attempt to understand the root of the problem and may actually make the problem worse.
  • According to the Ohio Department of Education, during the 2015-16 school year, Columbus City Schools had 26,473 out of school suspensions. Strictly by the numbers, that is more than one suspension for every two students.¬†Some schools had more suspensions than students!
The vast majority of these suspensions are for disruptive behavior; a category that is very broad and ambiguous.  
  • Children and teens that get suspended are more likely to fail, drop out, end up in prison or on welfare.
  • Studies have shown that zero tolerance discipline policies often push students out of classrooms and toward the destructive school-to-prison pipeline, even for minor misbehaviors¬†(Kirwan Institute).
  • Using national longitudinal data that tracked a cohort of 10th graders, the researchers estimated that 10th grade school suspensions result in more than 67,000 additional high school dropouts nationally.¬†Cumulatively, the total cost of the 67,000 additional dropouts caused by school suspensions nationally exceeds $35 billion (UCLA Center for Civil Rights Remedies).
  • Students can enter the juvenile justice system from the schools. In the 2015-16 school year, all but 4 of the high schools had school resource officers (that is police officers) present. If a student commits a crime, the officer can arrest them or issue a summons to appear in court. They said they don‚Äôt have any alternatives.
‚ěʬ†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Restorative Practices is an alternative to suspensions. Restorative practices ‚Äúreduce crime, violence and bullying, improve human behavior, strengthen civil society, provide effective leadership, restore relationships, and repair harm‚ÄĚ (International Institute for Restorative Practices).
  • In 2016, BREAD worked with the School District to set up a plan to reduce suspensions and improve school climate.
  • At our 2017 Nehemiah Action, former Superintendent Dan Good agreed to send representatives with BREAD leaders to Pittsburgh Public Schools to see Restorative Practices in action.
  • On November 1st, BREAD Leaders, Members of the Columbus School Board, Columbus City Schools Administration including the interim Superintendent, and members of the Columbus Education Association toured 5 different schools in Pittsburgh.
  • After seeing the success in Pittsburgh, Columbus City Schools Administration agreed with BREAD that the best way to achieve fidelity was with training by the International Institute for Restorative Practices.
  • In April 2018, they presented a proposal to use Federal funds for training by the IIRP and the Columbus School Board voted yes!¬† That summer, over 100 staff received training and 36 of those staff went on to be certified by the IIRP to train others.
  • In 2018, BREAD also co-hosted a Community Summit ‚ÄúBreaking the School to Prison Pipeline and Restoring Our City‚ÄĚwith CCS to educate the wider community in Restorative Practices and create more buy-in from teachers and staff in the district as well as families and community members.
  • In March 2020, the spread of COVID-19 caused schools to move to remote learning so training and monitoring of RP was paused.¬† However, once schools opened back up, BREAD met with the School Board and Superintendent to plan ahead for getting Restorative Practices back on track.
  • Thanks to BREAD‚Äôs persistence, in 2022, the School Board officially added Restorative Practices professional development and coaching to the Board‚Äôs Goals and Guardrails.
  • At our Nehemiah Action May 2022, we celebrated the written goal in the District‚Äôs 5 Year plan to implement Restorative Practices in every school by 2026
  • As an extension of that commitment, the Board added that progress on this goal will now be included in the Superintendent’s annual evaluation, a request BREAD had pushed for back in 2019
  • 4 high schools are part of a pilot program with a special focus on Student-Led Restorative Practices
  • Their goal is to have 10% of the students in those schools trained so they can shift the culture and set an example of the behavior change that other students could follow.
  • BREAD plans on continuing to work with the Columbus City Schools Administration and the School Board to ensure a strong implementation and integration of Restorative Practices into our schools

BREAD Rises!

Below are the final unsold items for this Friday’s news email under Auction and Fall Festival. ¬†Many spots are still available, and hopefully we can sell a few of these spots.
To read a full description of the remaining auction items STILL FOR SALE, please go to the auction website. If you would like to purchase a spot or spots, please contact the Auction Team.

C1:  Swim & Light Dinner                                            Fri., Aug. 4 at 5 pm
1 spots – $30, offered by Karen Torvik
E10:  Annual Summer Fossil Hike                          Sat., Aug. 12 at 8:30 am
16 spots – $20 per spot, offered by Steve Molk
MM24:  Cajun/Creole Feast                                       Sat., Aug. 12 at 5 pm
14 spots – $35 per spot, offered by Jake Huber & Georgeann Neuzil
MM17:  True Comfort Food                                         Fri., Aug. 25 at 6 pm
1 spot – $45, offered by Pat Snyder & Jane Tessier
C5:  Lake House Retreat for UU Women (Long Weekend)     Sept. 14 Р17
2 spots – $55 per spot, offered by Stewart & Nancy Rafert
E15:  Clintonville Stroll                                         Sun., Sept. 17 at 1:30 pm
12 spots – $15 per spot, offered by Heather Pierson
E5:  Fall Outdoor Labyrinth Walk                               Sat., Sept. 23 at 1 pm
32 spots – $15 per spot, offered by the Saveson-Otten Family
C8:  Bike Ride & Caprese Dinner                                Fri., Sept. 29 at 6 pm
3 spots – $25 per spot, offered by Amanda Hays
MM31:  Afternoon Tea at Mozart’s Cafe                     Fri., Oct. 13 at 1 pm
2 spots – $25 per spot, offered by Stuart & Lynda Smith
Funeral Consumer Alliance of Central Ohio
Board meeting Funeral Consumers Alliance of Central Ohio Wednesday July 26, 2023 at 2 pm in person at First U. U.
Funeral Consumers Alliance table before and after the service Sunday August 6 in Beech Hall.

Bring Your Friends to Peace Camp!
Ask your buddies to sign up now Рby filling out our 2023-2024 permission and interest form! We still have space for both weeks! Children on the cusp age wise are welcome to attend either session. Cost: $100 suggested per child.  We still have space for both weeks! Children on the cusp age wise are welcome to
attend either session. Cost: $100 suggested per child.

Session A: for 6-8years (9am-12noon, Monday 7/31 – Friday 8/4)
Session B: for 9-11years (9am-12noon, Monday 8/7 – Friday 8/11)

Summer Choir!
Do you enjoy listening to First UU’s choirs? ¬†The next (and last for the summer) will be Sunday, August 6. ¬†Remember to come for rehearsal at 9:00 am where Michaela Brown will be¬†directing.

Annual 1st UU Labor Day Retreat Time! 
Labor Day Retreat: Sat Sept 2 – Mon Sep 4 at camp¬†Oty’Okwa in beautiful Hocking Hills. Enjoy hiking, group activities, star gazing, campfires, and community for all generations. Plan your talent show act and warm up your voice for the campfire sing-a-long!¬†Sign up now¬†or¬†¬†Learn more on our website
Event Calendar Summary
  • Ongoing: Youth Group Banned Book Library
  • 7/28, 8/25, 9/1 Fourth Friday Picnics,¬†Whetstone Playground
  • 7/9-7/15 – CER Summer Institute
  • 9/2-9/4 – 1st UU Labor Day Retreat
Join the Coffee Team!
Do you like coffee? How about people? Would you appreciate a low commitment way to get more involved at church?  Come be a part of our coffee ministry on Sunday mornings!
Sign up at the link. There are detailed instructions in the kitchen cabinet or you can shadow on a morning if you prefer an in-person how-to.
Want to know more about what the job entails? email¬†chri…
Groups Summary
Click to Email the Group Leader!






  • UU Walkers, Highbanks Metro Park,¬†9:30am
  • Fourth Fridays Picnics in the Park (Whetstone) for summer


  • Millennial Covenant Group, usually 1st &¬†3rd Sun
  • Reproductive Rights Petition Drive
  • Feed and Read Ohio Donation Drop Off
Community Events Summary

Family Activities This Sunday

Summer RE (Religious Exploration) is happening! Early childhood and elementary aged kiddos are invited to enjoy stories, crafts, and collaborative games focused on play with Jen and Cara. Rising middle and high school aged youth are invited to enjoy self serve board games and art activities in A and B during the service. Reminder that parents / caregivers always need to know the whereabouts of children not being formally supervised in a class.

  • 10-11:30am Toddler Care (rm 101)
  • 10am Worship Service, MS / HS¬†Games¬†and Art in A/B
  • Early / Elementary Summer Class, rm 201-2
  • Coffee Hour,¬†Snack after the service ends

Register for Next Year, and Fill Out Annual Emergency Paperwork Here!

Volunteer to Teach Next Year!

Join the dream team Рhanging out with our young people is the most fun you can have on a Sunday morning, and changes lives! We need classroom assistants, leads, and subs for all age groups! Sign up here!

Family Event Summary
  • 7/28, 8/25, 9/1 Fourth Friday Picnics,¬†Whetstone Playground
  • Peace Camp, 7/31-8/4 and 8/7-8/11
  • Potential Blessing of the Backpacks (Back to School), 8/13
  • Animal Blessing. 8/27
  • Labor Day Retreat, 9/2-9/4
  • Holiday Break: No RE (Labor Day Weekend), 9/4
  • Ingathering / Water Ceremony (All Ages, No RE), 9/10
  • Fall RE begins, 9/17