First UU Auction 2022

Donate to the auction by midnight January 19!

Have you learned to love shopping online? Shop for a cause! Auction and Eco-Justice are teaming up to bring you food, fun, frolic, and guilt-free stuff. Good Stuff! lasts from January 20โ€“27. Bid on gently used items and crafts. What a green way to shop! A Blue Boat Home fold-away shopping tote that fits in a pocket makes a great eco-friendly gift. Or buy one for yourself if you usually forget other bags in the car. Ahem. Framed art, crafts, birdhouses, and crystal are already online.

Food, Fun & Frolic! runs from January 28 until February 4. Bid on events, meals, foods, and classes. Want to learn about solar panels or recycling, go kayaking or on an art walk, choose a pie for a special occasion, or just need to have dinner with UU friends? These are some of the 2022 offerings are online.

Celebrate with us on February 5 @ 6:00 pm. The Auction 2022 Celebration will take place in-person or virtually depending on COVID. Either event will have a signature cocktail, live entertainment, and the live auction. If in-person, there will be appetizers, bake sale, and various libations.

Donate something small or large. Just join the fun and anticipation. Need ideas for donations? Ready to donate?