Story Time Thursday – A Very Green Day

Have you ever been upset when you were away from your family? What do you like about trees?

Earth Day was earlier this week, which is a great time to remember our Violet Promise, “value our home, the Earth, that we share with all living things” (Seventh Principle: Kids’ Version).

What did you do for Earth Day? Some families plan to pick up litter while walking around their neighborhoods. That’s just one small way that we can make a difference!

Story Transcript:

Greeny doesn’t want to nap. Today, she wants to be a tree! Trees don’t need naps! Trees can play all day long. Trees only need to be green.

Uh-oh. Dad can’t find Greeny. She’s hiding among the trees. It’s so fun to be a tree!

But it is a bit hot playing under the sun, isn’t it? Actually, it’s too hot! What should Greeny do? Should she go home to Dad? But where is home? Greeny is lost! Dad is looking for Greeny.

Greeny keeps walking until she reaches a river. Tired and scared, Greeny bursts into tears. Her tears cause the river to flood! The whole city is flooded!

Ah! Greeny has an idea. She will write messages for Dad on her leaves. The green world helps her too. (The trees help send her message leaves on the wind). Thanks to the green world (other treees), Dad finally gets her messages.

Dad finds Greeny! DADDY! GREENY! Greeny is so tired. Now, all she wants is her nap.

“Greeny, get ready for school!” her dad calls the next morning. “No,” she says. “I’m a cat today. Cats don’t go to school so early.”


Eight Steps to becoming a tree (written and performed by Greeny)
1. Find a pot.
2. Fill it with soil.
3. Plant your feet inside.
4. Branch out your two hands.
5. Water the plant.
6. Add fertilizer.
7. Wait.
8. Ta-da!
Congratulations, you are now a tree.

Caution – sometimes, there may be incidents of incomplete change, as follows:
1. No change at all.
2. Thorns all over the body.
3. Becoming as stiff as wood.
4. Becoming a bush.
Oops! Just try again, and use your imagination.

Creative Commons Attribution Text: A Very Green Day (English), translated by Alisha Berger, based on original story Xanh thật là xanh (Vietnamese), written by Phạm Thu Thùy , illustrated by Phạm Thu Thùy, published by Room to Read (© Room to Read, 2013) under a CC BY 4.0 license on StoryWeaver. Read, create and translate stories for free on