UUA News – January 2024

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The work of discernment, deep connection with UU theology, and exploring what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist continues. In November, the Article II Study Commission released its Final Proposed Revision to Article II of UUA Bylaws for review and discussion. Since then, UUs have shared feedback and developed proposals for amendments to the final language.

In the links below, you’ll find details on the Final Proposed Revision.

We are deeply grateful to the dedicated volunteers on the UUA Board of Trustees and the Article II Study Commission for their faithful and inclusive work on behalf of Unitarian Universalism. As Board Co-Moderator the Rev. Meg Riley reminds us in UU World, “Thousands of people were involved in creating this draft… [I]t’s been a very inclusive process and the electronic process [for amendments] has made it even more inclusive.”

Our work together on Article II will culminate at General Assembly in June 2024, where delegates will cast votes on amendments and whether to adopt this new language for Article II of the UUA Bylaws. Links and information about GA are also available in the information below.

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After extensive engagement with Unitarian Universalists and multiple revisions of their initial text, the Article II Study Commission shared its Final Proposed Revision last November. That document is available as a webpage and in PDF format with line numbers, to support the work of review and discernment and for proposing amendments.
Final Proposed Revision
The UUA Bylaws allow for amendments to the Final Proposed Revision. Any proposed amendment must be endorsed by at least 15 certified congregations and the deadline for submitting an amendment is 11:59pm ET on February 1, 2024. There are other important details to know for submitting amendments and UUs are encouraged to pre-submit amendments ahead of time to ensure they meet all the requirements. Those details and other information are available in this online form.
Amendment Submission Form
Developing a shared understanding of who we are as Unitarian Universalists is significant and deeply hopeful faith development work. The UUA has curated resources from across our UU community to support your congregation or community’s engagement with this historic call to faithful reflection on how we practice and live into Unitarian Universalism.
Article II Resources
In a recent story from UU World, Article II Study Commission co-chairs the Rev. Cheryl M. Walker and Rob Spirko reflected on their years of work in developing the Final Proposed Revision of Article II and how they continue to talk with UUs and encourage congregations to engage in the process. As Rev. Walker observed in the article, “…[S]o many congregations are engaging the question we posed, which is: ‘What does it mean to be a Unitarian Universalist?’ That conversation is happening in ways that I’ve never, ever seen us engage before.”
Commissioners Reflect in UU World
General Assembly in June 2024 will be an online event and every Unitarian Universalist is encouraged to participate. At GA, 3/4 of voting delegates will need to approve an amendment for it to be incorporated. Once amendments have been resolved, a 2/3 approval in the form of a final vote is required to adopt a new version of Article II. This will be a momentous time for democratic engagement in our faith, so learn more, coordinate with your congregation’s delegates, and register for GA today!
General Assembly 2024