The Tomten Read Aloud

Hello First UU families! Please join Jen B for the story in honor of the snow and chilly temperatures this past week, The Tomten by Astrid Lindgren. For our time together this past Sunday, the winds made it a bit shivery, so we did not finish reading the story together. Instead of continuing to sit being cold, we got up and went to work! We cleared some of the playground, tables and the climber of snow. It was great teamwork! Some of us had a warm up inside as well to draw, play with dinosaurs, and explore some of the classroom.


At this time we will continue to plan for our RE experience to be primarily outside. So, continue to come with gear that fits the weather (knowing even in that hour, we can have some drastic changes). We do have windows and doors to open for ventilation and air purifiers going for any warm up or inside breaks that are needed. But, we will try for as much outdoor time as we can. Fresh air, play, and connection have been our staple this year, and are things we will plan to keep enjoying.