Squirrel Goes to School – Story Time Thursday

What’s your favorite thing about school or homeschool? Has a friend ever helped you when you felt afraid?

Story Transcript:

Squirrel and Trang have been friends forever. They play together every day.

They always have the best time!

One evening, Trang asks Squirrel to come to school with her.

But Squirrel is scared to leave the village! School is so far away.

But Squirrel decides to go, because Trang asked him to. The next day, before dawn, the two little ones start their journey.

It’s pitch black as they cross the mountains.

Squirrel suddenly squeaks in terror. Oh no! BEASTS!

Trang shines her flashlight at the bushes. She shows Squirrel that the shapes are only rocks. Squirrel feels lucky.

The friends walk on. They meet a swollen river. Squirrel tells Trang, “We should go back!”

They are brave. But now Squirrel is wet. “I want to go home!” he cries.

“But the sun is up now!” Trang says. “You will be dry soon.”

“I love this field!” Squirrel says. “We don’t have to go to school. We can just stay here and play.”

“But school is much more fun than this,” Trang says. “Come on!”

“NO!” says Squirrel. “I won’t go!”

“School is still so far away. Don’t make me go!”

“Squirrel!” Trang calls. “LOOK!”

​“We made it!”

“All our friends are here!” Squirrel can’t believe it.

“This is great!”

Squirrel wants to come back tomorrow. Squirrel loves school!


Creative Commons Story Attribution: Squirrel Goes to School (English), translated by Alisha Berger, based on original story Sóc con đi học (Vietnamese), written by Dỗ Thái Thanh, illustrated by Dỗ Thái Thanh, published by Room to Read (© Room to Read, 2012) under a CC BY 4.0 license on StoryWeaver. Read, create and translate stories for free at https://storyweaver.org.in/