Speaker: Rev. Dr. Marian Stewart

Rev. Dr. Marian Stewart is Senior Minister at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus

First Summer Sunday ONE SERVICE!

This is the first Sunday of our Summer schedule with one service at 10:00am
(no more breakfast until the Sunday after Labor Day)

The history of Memorial Day is an interesting weave of culture and practice. Columbus plays a role historically and today. All this threads … read more.

RE Sunday

This morning, our annual Religious Exploration Sunday, we will hear from several volunteers who will share with us what they learned teaching the children and youth of this faith community. At the close of each service our children will lead us back to Fellowship Hall … read more.

UU Principles Series: (7th Principle)

UU Principle sermon series: “Who We Are”. Unitarian Universalists don’t profess creeds or archaic dogma but we do express our values in terms of principles. This series takes a creative, curious, and challenging look into how we define ourselves. Today we continue with principle: #7 … read more.

Truth at the Edge

What happens when we are right? Or left? Or adamant, so sure, so…convinced. Rev. Marian will reflect on speaking at the State House and beyond on divisive issues like reproductive justice. What is our role in working for justice when others disagree?

Resurrecting Paradise

In art and architecture, religion has shifted its views of where paradise is located. In this season of Passover, Easter, and Earth Day, we will examine the connection between the ancient and modern and what might give us hope.

After the service, join us for coffee … read more.

From Where We Sit

What is the view of the world from where we sit? What is the view we see on Sundays? Does it matter? What does it mean? Turns out, where we sit can stir up all sorts of things. Sometimes, even the light makes a difference.

… read more.