Speaker: Rev. Dr. Marian Stewart

Rev. Dr. Marian Stewart is Senior Minister at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus

We Remember

Our annual Remberance Service holds all that we love and all that we have lost. As the pandemic is fittfuly subsiding, we take a moment to pause. As a community, we come together to memorialize loved ones, honor other losses, remember abiding truths, and recommit … read more.

Spatial Relations

Ministers are often told to look at the congregation from the balcony to see what is going on. Presidents look out over the country from the Oval Office. Astronauts look the entire earth as it floats through space. Distance certainly plays a role in relationships. … read more.

The Darwin Variant

What does “survival of the fittest” really mean? Is it about who is the strongest, brightest, fastest? Is it all about individual evolution? What was Darwin really writing about?

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… read more.

I’ll Meet You There

Can you still hear the song? The one sung for you
when you were born…

Listen carefully … Can you hear it still? A song of possibility.

We’ll listen for the music but also the words of Rumi as we celebrate Rumi’s … read more.

Unless We Go Forth

We’ve been rattled. We’ve been shaken. And if its a word, we’ve been pandemicked. It is hard to tell where we are. As we journey forth, we take time to look at the lessons of Yom Kippur. Not just lessons of forgiveness for others, but … read more.

Can We Play Now?

The best of childhood educators tell us kids of all ages need play in our lives. How might we use play to take the lessons of being apart and wrap it all up into big ideas of how we might come back together as a … read more.