Hi There Thief/Scammer!

You are a criminal.  That’s the bottom line.  You steal money, peoples identity and commit fraud for a living.  You must know that you ruin lives and hurt folks… innocent victims, probably elderly people who are trying to be kind and HELP someone.

Why?  What did these people ever do to you?  Do your friends and family know you are a crook and a thief?  Do they know you INTENTIONALLY ruin people’s lives just to make a buck for your boss?  This is sick dude. . . really.  I can’t believe you find this to be a rewarding life choice.  Want to be a better person?  OK…Time for a change!  Quit.  Yeah… do. something. else.

Maybe you could find something more positive to do, like a different job that helps people (or at least is not destructive and fucked up)?  Karma.  Think about it.

Cheers, it was fun wasting your time today

[REPORTED to banking fraud authorities & LOGGING location details and identity for prosecution]