Justice Update: Join Eco-Justice + Fair Districts

Dear First UU,

I’m hoping you’ve had the chance to tune into some of our virtual Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly (“GA”) this week, whether that be worship services, general sessions, or workshops. GA is a great opportunity to connect into the heart of our faith movement, including the internal and external work for justice of our fellow UUs. It’s still not too late to check out GA this year – for our Sunday morning service at 10am ET, we will be streaming the GA Sunday Service!

This month, our Justice Update highlights our Eco-Justice Focus Group and the Ohio redistricting process.

This Sunday, our newly restarted Environmental Justice & Sustainability (or Eco-Justice) Focus Group will be hosting a JAM Coffee Hour Breakout, and this Tuesday will be the first Summer S’mores Eco Hangout. If a just relationship with our planet is close to your heart, we hope you will join us for one or more of these Eco-Justice debuts!

We also have a video update about Ohio’s redistricting process from our First UU member and Healthcare Focus Group lead Alice Faryna. I know I’ve been looking forward to this presentation to understand more about where our state is in this process that is so vital to the health of our democracy, and what we can do to support.

Don’t forget to keep scrolling down for additional justice updates, like the BREAD Celebration this Monday!

Peace and love to you wherever you may be in this moment,

Amanda Hays
Justice Coordinator

Summer S’mores & Eco Hang-outs: This Tuesday!

Tuesday, June 29 – Friday, July 30 – Wednesday, August 18
6-8 pm, in the First UU parking lot


Stop by one or more low-key gatherings around a summer evening campfire as we restart the Environmental Justice Focus Group! Bring a sack dinner and we’ll provide the S’mores. Let’s talk about what we’re most excited about doing together in the coming year to care for our earth, our global neighbors, our non-human relatives, our spiritual connection with nature, and our children’s children.

So many possibilities! What stirs your passion?

Sharing books, research, documentaries – Discussion group – Worship services – Workshops – Daily Environmentalism (eating less meat, using less fossil fuel, etc.) – Bring in speakers – Healthy environment as social justice – UUJO – UU Ministry for Earth – Interfaith Power and Light – Sunrise Columbus – Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed (FLOW) – Buckeye Environmental Network – Our building and grounds – Using our facility as teaching tool – Become a Green Sanctuary – Fracking – Healthy water – Green Columbus – Industrial Ag & factory farms – Climate Change – Promoting socially conscious investments – Earth-based and pagan spirituality – Animal ministry – Community garden – Green philosophy

Fair Districts in Ohio

Alice Faryna, a First UU member and volunteer with the League of Women Voters, presents the League’s update on the redistricting process which Ohio voters approved with constitutional amendments. The process faces some headwinds because census data is delayed. Learn how you can support this important process. You can even practice drawing maps yourselves! Watch now!

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How Can UU Take Action?

If you haven’t yet, please check out our “Take Action” page.  Just click on the “Justice” tab above, then click “Take Action.”

We will keep it updated so that opportunities to take action that you see are current. Check it out: https://firstuucolumbus.org/justice-action-ministry/justice-action/


Featured Justice Opportunities

BREAD 25th Year Celebration/Investment Drive Kickoff

Monday, June 28, 6:45-8:30 pm at First UU in Beach Hall
Starting 7pm ET on Zoom

We’ve accomplished a lot during these 25 years but more problems to solve and justice to come. Let’s CELEBRATE with a masked, socially distant “watch” party at First UU (or on Zoom). We’re planning on guest speakers, hearing behind-the-scenes information and testimonies, welcoming new congregations, and celebrating our 25th year! 
And, of course, we’ll be inviting you to invest at least $200 during 2021 in the BREAD Organization’s work. It’s so important for BREAD members to “own” BREAD, rather than being dictated to by grant requirements and corporate investors, that we are investing $2,400 of our federal stimulus money this year in BREAD.

If you come to First UU for the watch party, and we hope you do, please remember your mask and also to sign in on the “contact tracing” form.

Contact Alice Rathburn for Zoom information, eulala1905@me.com

Support Coalition of Immokalee Workers

Wednesday, June 30, 2:00 PM at Bricker Hall on OSU Campus

From the Ohio State University (OSU)/Student Farmworker Alliance (SFA) — “Ohio State has betrayed students once again and chosen to be complicit in the exploitation of the farmworkers who feed their entire campus, and this country, by renewing Wendy’s contract for up to five more years.” Please join us and OSU/SFA students to support the students’ long-standing demand that OSU remove Wendy’s from the OSU campus until Wendy’s joins the Fair Food Program. Contact: Susan Carter

If you can’t make it to the action but still want to support the work of Farmworkers, consider contributing financially.

For a bit more about the Coalition of Immokalee Farmworkers, this beautifully illustrated story of Immokalee farmworker Udelia and her family was first shared in one of our earliest Summer Sustainer Drives and still rings true today:

Democracy & Human Rights Action Hour

July 7 at 6:00 ET. Email us for the Zoom Link.

SB 1 the For the People Act was defeated on 6/23 so what’s next?

1) Take on HB 294 in Ohio

2) Promote the John Lewis Voting Rights Act in Washington

What do you need? Your Smart Phone.

Take on voter suppression in Ohio and promote the restoration and strengthening of voting rights nationally. We’ll provide the script and instructions on sending messages and faxes using RESISTBOT.

Action Hours planned for the first Wednesday of each month.

July: Dandy Diapers Day

Anytime in July
ParentingPatch, CC BY-SA 3.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

Donations of children’s and adult diapers, all sizes. You can also always donate food or other high-quality items you no longer need. Donations go to populations in Columbus and Athens county who have the most difficulty accessing food pantries and social services. Drop off donations to Feed & Read Ohio outside Jacques’s house, 617 Woodsfield Dr., Columbus, OH 43214.

Tech Help Needed!

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Would you like to contribute your skills in web design or social media to First UU’s Justice Ministry?

Contact Amanda Hays at amanda@firstuucolumbus.org