Justice Update: Advocate for Vaccination

Hope you’re enjoying the warmer temperatures and blue skies this week, as well as the wonderful news that Edith Espinal and Miriam Vargas are now free to leave the churches where they had taken sanctuary for years! There is still work to do, but one way we are celebrating this moment is through a card shower for Edith and Miriam. Check out the Justice Bingo Card for more info.

Our Justice Update this month comes to us through a collaboration between our Healthcare Focus Group and Atheists-Skeptics-Humanists (ASH) Group:

COVID: A Primer Video Description

Surveys show that the percentage of US residents who are willing to get the COVID vaccines has dropped from 74% in April 2020 to 56% by December. This program from First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus’s Atheists-Skeptics-Humanists (ASH) group presents scientific information about the nature of vaccines, the history of vaccine development and the resistance that has always accompanied vaccination efforts. Dr. Alice Faryna and Tom Baillieul address specific fears about the current vaccine so you can be a knowledgeable advocate for vaccination.

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February Social Justice Bingo Card

Your Justice Action Ministry is experimenting with a new way to communicate opportunities to get involved in Justice at First UU: a Justice Bingo Card. Click on the card or the link below it for a version with live links. “V” marks actions that can be taken completely virtually, and opportunities with a * are urgent and time-sensitive. Take a look at the card and see if there are any opportunities you’re interested in. We’d love to hear any feedback you have (email amanda@firstuucolumbus.org). There will be updates in the coming months!

Feb-Mar 2021 Social Justice Bingo at First UU