Friday News – September 8, 2023

Happy Friday!

We have two important staffing pieces of news to share with you all this morning.

First – huge congratulations to Rev. Kathleen Fowler who is officially retiring from her service with us as our Minister of Pastoral Care. Rev. Kathleen stepped in during a rocky time for our congregation and has provided incredible love and care to not only the congregation, but also the staff. We are all so grateful for everything you have done for us Kathleen! (Please see below for Rev. Kathleen’s farewell to the congregation.)

Second – In the next few weeks, we will be shifting the role of compiling this Friday News to Becca in the front office. I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Nancy McDonald-Kenworthy for her work over these past few months on putting this newsletter together. I know it’s a big job, and we’re so grateful that you have taken the time to support the congregation in this way!

Finally – I wanted to share with you that I am taking some time away. It has been such an honor to be your minister over this past year and I’m so grateful for the trust you placed in me. Working with the rest if the staff through this year was an unbelievable blessing and it was important for all of us to lift one another up through the uncertainty and liminal time in which we found ourselves. I will treasure this time – getting to know one another on such a deep level. And, it has taken a toll. I have found myself in a space of needing to take some time away to take care of myself for a bit. These past few years have been hard on my mental & physical health and I’m not able to give this amazing community everything that you deserve. After talking with the staff and the Board, we have agreed that I will be taking a month away. (Huge thank you to everyone who is stepping in so that I can take this time.)
I have all the resources I need – amazing family, friends, therapists, and a really cute cat 🙂 – I will be okay. This time away will allow me time and space to heal. And I’m very much looking forward to being able to return with my whole self. I love you all and I will miss you.

Until we are together again:

Blessings friends,
Rev. Kelli
Minister of Congregational Life

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Deadline for Sunday service materials is 11:00am Thursday morning.
Announcements at a Glance

Indicates New or Updated Announcement
  • 1st UU Artists’Exhibit “Being on the Side of Love”  9/1 – 10/9*
  • Music News*
  • Summer Read: Transforming Conflict, by Rev. Terasa Cooley
  • Ministerial Retirement – Rev. Kathleen Fowler
  • Sunday 9/10 –  Tradition” from General Assembly
  • Sunday 9/17 –
  • SUMMARY: Upcoming Services
  • Packets and Posters Day
  • Next AUUction Coming Up in the Fall!*
  • Join the Coffee Team!
  • BREAD:  Life Expectancy Issues & Task Force.
  • Upcoming Auuction Events
  • “Casual Conversation with Ven. Pomnyun Sunim”  9/20
  • Lost & Found at Church.. .PICK UP YOUR STUFF…
  • SUMMARY: Events Calendar
  • SUMMARY: Classes and Groups
  • SUMMARY: Community Events
  • Family Activities This Sunday, 9/10 *
  • Volunteers Needed! *
  • Time To Register For Class! *
  • Happening Next Week, 9/17 *
  • Banned Book Library *
UU Art:
Our new exhibit is now hung, and it’s called “Being on the Side of Love.”  Enjoy the members’ and friends’ beautiful exhibit in the worship center and gallery, now through Oct 29

How do we show the love, care, welcome, soul feeding, and joy, which keeps us open, healthy and in community? The members and friends of First UU share their art, express what gives them pause, and what feeds their spirits.
Share your expression with us and meet the artists at a
reception September 17, 11:15-1:30 in the Gallery.

Q’s? Deb Baillieul

9/10: “Washed In the Water of Community
Join our all-ages service, commemorating our return to the traditional church year! Bring some water to share from your summer experiences, and prepare to celebrate


Upcoming Services & Summary
  • (RE Teacher Orientation after 9/10 service)
  • 9/17 –  “Is True Forgiveness Possible?”  by Rev. Terasa Cooley
  • 9/17:   September 15 marks the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, which asks people to make an accounting of their actions for the year. It’s a practice that we as UUs could learn something from. The acknowledgement of mistakes brings up the question of forgiveness for those mistakes. What does that mean to us?
  • Also, Video of murmuration

Monthly Themes

  • September: League of Women Voters

Rev. Kathleen’s Retirement

I want everyone to know that I will be retiring as of September 15th, and my last Sunday offering the caring meditation will be this Sunday, September 10.
Serving as your Minister of Pastoral Care has been an incredible experience, one that I would not have passed by for the world. Being part of the staff, representing First UU in my position, sharing my prayers and encouragement with you through the Sunday morning reflections, engaging with Hope for Us, and listening to so many of you has been a rich experience that I cherish.
I want to thank each member of the staff for welcoming me so warmly into the fold. I want to thank each of you who shared your vulnerabilities, joys and challenges with me., and for teaching me as we talked. And I want to thank all who journeyed with us as we worked on doing the necessary recovery toward wholeness. It has not been an easy year, but I believe we are stronger for having come together to honor the covenant we hold so dear.
As I have been a member of this sacred congregation since 1995, I’m not going anywhere. I am pondering my new role amongst you. I cannot imagine another religious faith I would want to be part of, or another congregation. Let us continue to walk forward  with new energy, to new ways of being with each other, while cherishing the best parts of our congregation and our faith.
Rev. Kathleen

Democracy & Human Rights & Health Care Teams
This Sunday is Packets and Posters Day. Get geared up for Voter Registration! Democracy & Human Rights and the Healthcare teams will be registering voters for the November 7th election. We will assemble voter registration packets and make Register to Vote posters. We can sign you up to register voters. The LWV voter registration training video is here: When we work together, we win.
Remember:  On November 7, 2023, voters will decide on the Right to Make Reproductive Decisions Including Abortion Initiative, which would amend the Ohio Constitution to provide that each individual has the right to make and carry out one’s own reproductive decisions. Also voters will decide on a Marijuana Legalization Initiative. If approved, it would make Ohio the 24th state to legalize marijuana for recreational or personal use.
Next AUUCTION Coming Up! 
HaUUnted First UU Fall Festival and Auction will start in just two months. Do you own a business or patronize a business that would like some new customers? We are busy soliciting donations from local Clintonville businesses, but we UUs live everywhere. Local merchants have donated gift cards, meals, services, and goods. If you would like to make a business donation or can secure one, please send us the details at In the meantime, start again thinking which of your summer activities would make an interesting excursion, tasty dinner, or other offering for the 2023 Auction.  Look for more information coming soon in the mail.


The Auction Team is seeking a volunteer to provide short-term tech support for this year’s auction. Your assistance will help us smoothly manage the online auction platform, troubleshoot any tech issues, and ensure a seamless experience for both donors and bidders.
What we need:

  • Assist team members with setting up and managing the online auction platform.
  • Troubleshoot technical glitches or issues that may arise during the event
  • Provide quick and effective solutions to ensure the auction runs smoothly.
  • Collaborate with our team to ensure a user-friendly and efficient online bidding process.

If you are interested in contributing you tech skills to this years auction, please contact Andi  Thanks!

Join the Coffee Team!
Do you like coffee? How about people? Would you appreciate a low commitment way to get more involved at church? Come be a part of our coffee ministry on Sunday mornings!

Sign up at this link! There are detailed instructions in the kitchen cabinet, or you can shadow on a morning if you prefer an in-person how-to. Want to know more about what the job entails? Email Christine!

BREAD’s Upcoming Listening Sessions

BREAD (Building Responsibility, Equality, and Dignity—44 interfaith congregation founded by First UU and 10 others) builds the power of the people to solve community problems. In meetings with thousands of community residents, the organization presses targeted decision-makers to implement solutions to those problems.
Every year, BREAD conducts a listening process to surface one new community problem that is added to the organization’s agenda. Dozens of leaders are trained to research that problem and identify proven solutions. Along with identifying solutions, the research committee identifies the appropriate decision-maker(s) in the community with the authority to implement that solution. At the annual Nehemiah Action Meeting, BREAD congregations bring out thousands of people to press those decision-makers for specific commitments. Throughout the following years, BREAD leaders follow up with those officials to ensure that the solutions are implemented.
House Meeting/Listening Sessions occur in all the BREAD congregations to learn what their people’s major concerns are. A democratic process follows to select a new problem for BREAD to address from those surfaced at the listening sessions.
Plan to be a part of First UU’s BREAD Listening Process to get to know others in the church better and to give First UU a voice. Dates for our BREAD Listening Process will appear in next week’s Friday News.

BREAD Rises!

Below are the final unsold items for this Friday’s news email under Auction and Fall Festival.  Many spots are still available, and hopefully we can sell a few of these spots.
To read a full description of the remaining auction items STILL FOR SALE, please go to the auction website. If you would like to purchase a spot or spots, please contact the Auction Team.

C5:  Lake House Retreat for UU Women (Long Weekend)     Sept. 14 – 17
2 spots – $55 per spot, offered by Stewart & Nancy Rafert

E15:  Clintonville Stroll                                         Sun., Sept. 17 at 1:30 pm
12 spots – $15 per spot, offered by Heather Pierson

E5:  Fall Outdoor Labyrinth Walk                               Sat., Sept. 23 at 1 pm
32 spots – $15 per spot, offered by the Saveson-Otten Family

C8:  Bike Ride & Caprese Dinner                                Fri., Sept. 29 at 6 pm
3 spots – $25 per spot, offered by Amanda Hays

MM31:  Afternoon Tea at Mozart’s Cafe                     Fri., Oct. 13 at 1 pm
2 spots – $25 per spot, offered by Stuart & Lynda Smith

First UU Choirs have begun rehearsals for the year, but it isn’t too late to join! Spirit of Life Choir rehearses Tuesday evenings, 6:30-8:00pm, and Chalice Choir rehearses Thursday evenings, 7:30-9:30pm–both in the Worship Center. EVERYONE is welcome in both of these choirs, regardless of your experience or ability to read music. Just come with an open mind and a willing voice and heart!

There will also be an exciting special opportunity for our youth to sing in our first-ever Youth Pop-Up Choir. This will be held on Sunday, Oct. 15 and will be similar to a Summer Pick-Up Choir experience: youth should show up at 9:00 am to the Worship Center and will learn on the spot a song to sing during the 10 am service. Come be a part of this inaugural event!

Finally, look in the coming weeks for our Concert Series Team to release our calendar for the year! In the meantime, here is a sneak peak for October: On Friday, Oct. 27 our very own Nathan Hamm will present a piano recital at 7:00 pm, and on Sunday, Oct. 29 we will host the Otterbein University Concert Choir and Upper Arlington HS Symphonic Choir in concert! Mark your calendars, and look for the full line-up very soon!

If you have any questions about Music at First UU, contact Dr. Brandon Moss (

9/20: Casual Conversation With Ven. Pomnyun Sunim  
Dear Friends,
I had the fortune of attending one of Ven. Pomnyun Sunim’s talks several years ago and really enjoyed his views, demeanor and wisdom so I wanted to pass this invitation along to you. I hope you will consider attending. This is for anyone of any spiritual background (including none.) Feel free to bring friends or family members. Please note, though, that to make sure that there is enough space for all, they ask that you register with the link below.
Wishing you all good health and happiness.
Peace, Sheila Jacquart You are invited! 

“Casual Conversation with Ven. Pomnyun Sunim” on September 20th at First Unitarian Universalist Church is free to the public.
Ven. Pomnyun Sunim is one of the most respected public figures in South Korea.
He shares his wisdom & helps bring new insights on life to millions of South Koreans.
He has held numerous public talks and wrote many best-selling books, helping people lead happier lives.
Please join us and ask any questions you have about life.

When: Fri 9/20, 7:00 PM

Where: 1st Unitarian Universalist Church (Beech Hall)
93 W Weisheimer Rd
Columbus, OH 43214


Lost & Found at Church! 
The  Coat closet is beset with a bunch of stuff that needs to be in its rightful home!!! COME & GET IT!! 
If you think you may have left something here at church, please look in the Lost & Found area in the coat room!! Every 2 or 3 months, all unclaimed articles are taken to Volunteers of America.  We just do not have storage space to keep items for months.  Check out the coat room to see if your missing object is there!!   Thank you…

And speaking of “lost and found”….  whose is this painting?  It is among the “stuff” at church but needs to go somewhere… no identification about ownership etc.   Please if you know about this, please contact  Deb Bailleau or Linda Thompson.

Event Calendar Summary
  • Ongoing: Youth Group Banned Book Library
  • 8/25, 9/1 Fourth Friday Picnics, Whetstone Playground
  • 9/2-9/4 – 1st UU Labor Day Retreat
Congregational Workshop, October 14, 2023 10am to 2pm
“The Blessings of Congregational Conflict” 
Led by Rev. Terasa & members of the Healthy Relations Team
We will be exploring together some of the concepts in Rev. Terasa’s book about some healthy ways to learn from congregational conflicts. Sign up form will be coming soon.

Rev. Dr. Terasa G. Cooley, AIM
Developmental Minister
Join the Coffee Team!
Do you like coffee? How about people? Would you appreciate a low commitment way to get more involved at church?  Come be a part of our coffee ministry on Sunday mornings!
Sign up at the link. are detailed instructions in the kitchen cabinet or you can shadow on a morning if you prefer an in-person how-to.
Want to know more about what the job entails? email
Continuing Dinner & Conversation
Dinner & Conversation is a continuing quarterly pot-luck group that meets in various participants’ homes.  Commitment is only for one quarter at a time with one meeting per month as agreed upon by the entire group.  The group size is between 6-8. The host organizes the dinner and picks a topic for conversation. The goal is to have a good time while getting to know each other.

This sign up is for the fourth quarter of 2023, October, November, December. Please let me know by noon Sunday, 9/24 if you want to participate.  Contact Marcia Canter. at.

Groups Summary
Click to Email the Group Leader!






  • UU Walkers, Highbanks Metro Park, 9:30am
  • Fourth Fridays Picnics in the Park (Whetstone) for summer


Community Events Summary

September Countdown: Registration Time
September is Voter Registration month when yoUU can make a difference. We have four weeks to register as many new voters as we can.
  1. Sign up at the JAM table for shifts at local libraries. OR
  2. Watch the LWV voter registration training video:
  3. When you complete your shift, return packets and posters to the church workroom between 9 and 1 on weekdays or to JAM table on Sundays.
  4. Return Voter Registration Forms and Absentee Ballot request forms to Chris in person or place in the JAM mailbox in workroom.
  5. October 10 is the last day to register for the November 7th election. I
In October the Reproductive Choice & Health and Democracy & Human Rights teams will turn their efforts to passing the Right to Make Reproductive Decisions Including Abortion Initiative. This amendment to the Ohio Constitution provides each individual with the right to make and carry out one’s own reproductive decisions.
On 11/7, vote YES on this Issue 1.
JUNG Assn. Lecture & Workshop @ 1st UU
Tomorrow, Saturday the 9th, Jung Association of Central Ohio (JACO) will present a lecture & workshop at 1st UU from 10 am to 3 pm.   The topic is about an artist and her work related to Jung.  Presented by Dennis and Rebecca Pottenger, authors of “Alchemy, Jung, and Remedios Varo”
She was learned in the sciences yet incorporated with equal interest the ideas of Carl Jung, Meister Eckhart, and the Sufis. She saw in each of these an avenue to self-knowledge and the transformation of consciousness.

Saturday 9/09 from 10 AM to Noon
In-Person and Online
Experiential Workshop 
Saturday September 9 from 1 to 3PMIn-Person ONLY
CEUs are available.

More information at

Upcoming Jewish Holidays

Kehilat Sukkat Shalom welcomes members of 1st UU to join us for Rosh haShanah and Yom Kippur in the 1stUU Worship Center. Please see dates and times below and on our website at

Rosh haShanah

  • Erev Rosh haShanah: Friday, September 15 – 8-9:30pm
  • Rosh haShanah Morning: Saturday, September 16 – 10am-12:30pm
  • Tashlich Potluck & Shofar Service: Whetstone Park – Casting Pond Shelter House – 4:30pm–sundown (Potluck Sign-up here)

Yom Kippur

  • Kol Nidre: Sunday, September 24 – 8 – 9:30pm
  • Yom Kippur Morning: Wednesday, September 25 – 10am-12:30pm
  • Yizkhor: 12:40 – 2pm
  • Restorative Yoga with Emily Buster @3:30pm
  • Mincha & Neilah @ 5pm –
  • Breakfast & Havdalah – following Neilah (Potluck Sign-up here)
Family Activities This Sunday, 9/10
  • 9:00-9:30am Breakfast (A/B)
  • 9:30-11:30am Infant and Toddler Care (rm 101)
  • 10am All Ages Water Ceremony / Ingathering Service (no classes) – bring water from your travels this year to pour into our common bowl!
  • Coffee hour, snack after the service ends
  • 11:30am-1:30pm Volunteer Teacher Orientation (mandatory for RE volunteers) RSVP: lunch provided, childcare available (rm 402-3)
  • 11:30am-1:30pm Youth Group meeting (rm 302)
  • 11:30am-1:30pm Young Adult program (kitchen)
  • 12:30-2pm Navigators Scouting Troop meeting (201, SYC playground)

Volunteers Needed!

We still need volunteers for older elementary, middle, and high school (ages 10-18years)! Parents / caregivers are asked to volunteer once every three years. Sign up here!

Time To Register For Class!

Fill this out before Religious Exploration classes begin next week! This form gives us the info we need to help your child succeed, and to take action in case of a medical emergency. Thank you!!

Not sure if you filled it out yet? Email! We recommend filling out the form on a laptop (not a phone) and using Chrome browser, since it’s a Google form.

Happening Next Week, 9/17

During Service:

  • Many fall RE (Religious Exploration) classes begin
  • First class for Spirit Play, In the Middle, and Neighboring Faiths
  • Mandatory Parent / Caregiver Orientation, 8th grade (13-14yr) OWL

After Service:

  • First meeting, Peace Pals children’s choir (5-10yrs)
  • Congregational Engagement Fair
  • Navigators Scouting Troop meeting

Banned Book Library

Click here to purchase a book to add to the Youth Group collection!