Friday News – March 10, 2023

Happy Friday!

Last weekend, I got the opportunity to preach in the morning and to be a part of my friend Rev. Walter Clark’s Installation up in Wooster, later that afternoon. I always enjoy preaching at different congregations. I enjoy seeing how their sanctuary is set up, how they structure their order of service, what they do as part of a ritual that brings them closer as a community. Growing up Roman Catholic, I felt like every Catholic Church that I visited felt familiar because everything was always the same. The building might be different, but I knew that the mass would be structured exactly the same and it would be a natural way for me to feel more comfortable in a new space.

When I learned that every Unitarian Universalist Congregation or Fellowship was going to be different, I was afraid that this meant that I wouldn’t feel that similar sense of familiarity and comfort. But I couldn’t have been further from the truth. Our services could be completely different, our buildings as unique as each one of us, but the feeling is the same. I’ve guest preached at numerous congregations and at every one, I felt a familiar spirit. The people I meet are excited to be there. They can’t wait to tell me what they’re working on, what feeds their soul in this community.¬†There’s energy in the space and I feel a shared sense of purpose that feels familiar.

There’s something powerful in that.¬† We need not have the same beliefs or the same structure to feel the same sense of purpose. That sense that we are here to be responsible stewards of our resources and kind, compassionate people.¬† And there’s comfort in that. Feeling like we’re a part of something bigger, something strong, something familiar. I hope that, in moments when you may be feeling alone or overwhelmed, you can feel that sense of connection and community wherever you find yourself. Whether you’re traveling and attending a different congregation, or you come through the doors of First UU each Sunday, I hope that you feel that shared commitment and sense of purpose. And remember that the web of connection between UUs around this country is strong.

I look forward to exploring this further with you on Sunday. Don’t forget that on Sunday, we SPRING FORWARD, so be sure to move your clocks so you aren’t late ūüôā

Blessings friends,
Rev. Kelli McNeal
Minister of Congregational Life

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We hope you are finding value in these weekly Board communications as part of the Friday News. Most of our regular communications will be shared here in an effort to have a consistent platform and in an effort to save our staff’s limited time, as they are the ones who finalize the formatting and put it into the email program. When we have more to say about a specific topic, we have been sending a separate email.

For instance, on Monday March 6th,  the Board sent a separate email to congregants about the Ministry Survey & Listening Sessions asking for your input in a couple of different ways, through a survey and or via Listening Sessions. There is a link to the survey questions and a link to the sign-up genius for selecting from the 9 available listening sessions dates/times. In case you missed it here is the separate March 6 email.

Join the watch party for Meg McGuire‚Äôs ordination on Sunday April 16th starting at 5:00pm in the Worship Center. If you can’t come watch it with us at church, you can join from wherever you are by going here. You can go to that same link and watch it in the days after Meg‚Äôs ordination as well. Be sure to come for service on May 7th when Rev. Meg will be preaching and we will have cake and snacks in Beach Hall afterwards to celebrate this milestone with her.

The next board meeting will be April 5, 2023 at 7:00pm

Your Board of Trustees,

Jan Phillips, Billy Davidson, Shelly Casto, Jim Conlan, Julie Pinsonneault, and Cindy Whicker

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If you would like to be included in the directory, please fill out this membership update form and let us know which information you would and wouldn’t like listed. If you are a member and would like a copy of the directory, please contact Marian Garcia in the front office.¬†

Announcements at a Glance

* indicates new or updated announcement
  • Safe To Be Me, Rev. Kelli McNeal – 3/12¬†*
  • March Share the Plate: Bottom’s Up
  • Article 2 Resources
  • Upcoming Services, and Monthly Themes!
  • All Soles Contra and Square Dance! – tomorrow, 3/11 *
  • We Need Egg Hunt Candy This Sunday! +¬†Throwing Color Powder *
  • RE Volunteer Appreciation Brunch – 3/12
  • Reproductive Freedom Ballot Initiative Campaign Training – 3/12
  • Contribute to Our Banned Book Library!¬†(1st UU Youth Group) *
  • Baby Shower – 3/26 *
  • Girl Scout Cookie Sales at Church!¬†–¬†3/12
  • Snacks Needed!
  • Auction Experiences Still Available! *
  • Rummage Sale Donations, Volunteers Needed! – 3/25 *
  • HS Grad Recognition / Bridging: Sign Up Now! – 4/23 *
  • BREAD Update! Nehemiah Action – 4/25 *
  • Child Dedication Ceremony: Sign Up Now! – 5/14 *
  • Register Now for Peace Camp 2023! – August
  • Save the Date! 1st UU Events
  • Book Groups! – 3/22
  • Caring for One Another
  • Feed and Read Ohio
  • Sacred Song Circle
  • Get Involved!
  • Register Now: Back to the FUtUre Youth Con! – 4/1 *
  • YWCA Family Shelter Needs Monthly Dinner Volunteers!
  • Young Adult Climate Justice Trainings! – 3/11, 3/18, 3/25
  • Meet the Candidate for UUA President! – 3/18
  • UU@UN Intergenerational Spring Seminar – 4/1-4/3
  • Side with Love Monthly Skill-ups! –¬†3/19, 4/23, 5/21
  • Trans/Nonbinary+ Pastoral Small Groups Online
  • Monthly Young Adult Worship Online
  • UU Buddhist Fellowship Convocation – 4/27
  • UUA General Assembly – 6/21-6/25
  • Happening This Sunday – 3/12¬†*
  • We Need You – in the RE Classroom!
  • Upcoming Family Events!
This Week’s¬†Service, 3/12

Safe To Be Me –¬†Rev. Kelli McNeal

Don’t forget to Spring Forward your clocks!¬†

Join us this Sunday, February 24th, at 11:00am for our morning worship!

Being our full, vulnerable selves can be really difficult. It requires us to trust that the space in which we inhabit is safe and we can trust those around us to support us. What does it look like for our congregations to be places where we can all be our vulnerable selves?

Worship Presenter – Rev. Kelli McNeal
March Monthly Theme – Vulnerability

March Share the Plate: Bottom’s Up
Our Share-the-Plate donations in March go to Bottoms Up Diaper Drive. Did you know that 1 in 3 families in the U.S. struggle to afford diapers for their children? The average baby needs 6-10 diapers per day, but for many low-income families, this basic necessity can be out of reach. Bottoms Up is a non-profit organization working to address this issue by providing clean diapers to disadvantaged mothers and their families.
Article 2 Report
For more information on the proposed UUA Article 2 (Principles and Sources) changes, read their report here. (THIS IS A NEW LINK)

Read UUA Presidential Candidate Rev. Dr.¬†Sof√≠a Betancourt’s thoughts on today’s Unitarian Universalism here.

Upcoming Services, and Monthly Themes!
Happening This Month

  • 3/19 – Amanda Hays and AntiRacist Allies, Living the Pledge
  • 3/26 – Annual Youth-Led Service, “Rainbows of Religion”
  • 4/2 – Rev. Dana Reynolds, “Healing and Well-Being Are in the Woods”
  • 4/9 – Rev. Kelli McNeal
  • 4/16 – EcoJustice,¬†Flower Ceremony / Earth Day (All Ages, no RE)
  • 4/23 – Amber Scott, HS Grad Bridging, RE Service and Open House

Monthly Themes

  • April: Resistance
  • May: Creativity
  • June: Delight

Special Services

  • 5/14 – Mother’s Day, Child Dedication
  • 5/21 – Coming of Age Service
  • 9/10 – Ingathering / Water Ceremony (All Ages, No RE)
All Soles Contra Dance Tomorrow! 3/11
Wear your green! Yep, it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day! Join us tomorrow, Saturday, March 11th, in Beach Hall. We will dance to the calling of David Mould (from Charleston, WV)  and the music of The Pegheads. New dancers are welcome, all dances will be taught, and no partner is needed. Beginner lesson at 7:30, dance at 8!

$10 admission, $5 for folks age 12-25. Please bring your own refillable water bottle! Masking is required indoors. We are not yet able to provide child care. For more info, please visit the First UU website!

We Need Egg Hunt Candy This Sunday!
Our Youth Group will begin stuffing eggs for our annual Egg Hunt this Sunday, March 12th!¬†Please bring¬†NUT FREE¬†/ allergy safe¬†candy¬†and other tiny items (trinkets, erasers, etc.) to be included in the¬†eggs, and¬†leave them in clearly labeled bags in the volunteer work room before (or during) this week’s service.

We could also use donations of¬†throwing color powder!¬†Because we need time to fill the eggs and package the powder, we can only accept donations thru Friday afternoon, 3/24.¬†Thank you for “hopping on” this opportunity to support our families!

Our Egg Hunt will happen during the service on 4/9 – as part of RE’s Spring Festival activities, followed by Throwing Color after the service. Contact¬†Amber¬†with questions, or for more information!

RE Volunteer Appreciation Brunch 3/12
All our fantastic RE volunteers are invited to Teacher Appreciation Brunch on Sunday, March 12th, at 10am! Upgrade your church breakfast with some extra goodies, and come connect with RE staff and other teachers! Tons of fun in room 301, featuring:

  • Tasty treats! (including gluten free, vegan options)
  • Community
  • and Swag

If you volunteer with the RE program in any capacity, you are welcome! See you there! ūüôā¬†Amber Scott,¬†Director of Religious Exploration

Reproductive Freedom Campaign Training 3/12
Join Pro-Choice Ohio’s Field Manager Cole Wojdacz and Development Director Kel McConaughey for Reproductive Freedom Ballot Initiative Campaign Training! Happening Sunday, March 12th, in Slowter Lounge after the service.

Help explicitly protect the right to abortion care, birth control, and other reproductive freedoms in Ohio Constitution. Join us and learn about the ballot initiative, process, and how you can help. Questions? Please contact Lynda Smith.

Contribute to Our Banned Book Library!
The First UU Youth Group is partnering with the Book Loft, a local bookstore in German Village, to build the First UU Banned Book Library! Please join us by clicking here to purchase a book to add to our library. Book plates will be available to commemorate your donation. Don’t forget to join us for the annual Youth Led Service on March 26th to hear more about our new library! -Update provided by Abigail Ours, Youth Group member.
Baby Shower 3/26
Lynda Smith, Su Farnlacher, and Marna Austin are planning a baby shower for an immigrant family that Jacques Angelino has been helping for 3 years. The parents of the family are Maria and Manuel. They speak Spanish. Their teenage son, Yair (pronounced Yah-eer), and his girl friend, Fabiola Orellana, are expecting a baby in early May. Yair and Fabiola speak Spanish and English. They all live in Whitehall, Ohio.

The baby shower will be at 2pm on Sunday, March 26th, in room 201 Рthe First UU Sunday school / SYC classroom just beyond and diagonal from the bathrooms. Please RSVP to Marna Austin via email or by phone, (614) 440-1711, if you plan to attend. If you cannot come to the shower and would like to give a present, please let Marna know!

Fabiola has a baby registry online at Walmart. To access the baby registry for Fabiola go to Walmart baby registry and put in her name and Ohio. To place an order at the website, you need to make an account for Walmart and include your home address and telephone number. When the web site process gets to shipping, it will have a place to click on Fabiola’s address. Click on it and you will have the option to have the order shipped to your own address. If you want to buy the item from the baby registry at the store, print the baby registry and it will have bar codes for the cashier to scan.

Girl Scout Cookie Sales at Church! 3/12
It’s almost the end of this year’s Girl Scout Cookie Time! This Sunday and next, scouts from our congregation will have cookies available for purchase in Beach Hall after service. Cost is $5 a box.
Snacks Needed!
We are seeking NUT FREE snack donations – including gluten free options – to serve after weekly Sunday services! Drop off shelf stable snacks in the kitchen anytime – look for the “RE snack” cabinet.¬†Questions? Contact¬†Amber!
Auction Items Still Available
To read a full description of each event or service, please go to the auction website. If you would like to purchase a spot or spots, please contact the Auction Team.

Cheap Eats Appetizer Potluck and Dominoes
Saturday March 11th at 6pm
$20 per spot (2 available)

Vegan Mexican Dinner
Friday March 31st at 5:30pm
$50 per spot (2 spots available)

Visit to Rumpke Recycling Plant in Columbus
Tuesday April 11th at 1pm
$15 per spot (8 available)

Wildflowers at Arc of Appalachia Day Trip
Saturday April 2nd at 9am
$30 per spot (3 available)

Cinco de Mayo Inspired Happy Hour
Saturday May 6th at 6pm
$30 per spot (2 available)

Visit to Rumpke Recycling Plant in Columbus
Tuesday May 9th at 10am
$15 per spot (8 available)

Birding with Bob and Donna
Saturday May 13th at 8am
25 per spot (3 available)

Spring Nature Hike / Mound Excursion
Saturday May 13th at 9am
$20 per spot (19 available)

Rummage Sale Donations, Volunteers Needed!
Just 2 weeks left to Rummage! Join us for the sale! Saturday, March 25th, from 8:30am-3pm. Are branches falling on your car because there is no room for it in your garage? Set a box by your door and fill it Рand you’ll have enough room for a bigger car!

Many hands make light work Рplease sign up at Rummage Sale Volunteersor at the table in Beach Hall to help with baking, receiving donations, sorting, pricing, staffing tables, or clean up. We especially need volunteers on Friday and Saturday.

Drop-off your donations Monday, March 20th through Thursday, March 23rd, 10am-1pm and 5pm-8pm. Contact us if you need help with large items or to arrange other times. Leftover items will be collected by Out of the Closet.

General Items: Art and Collectibles, Computers, Electronics, Exercise Equipment, Furniture, Garden Goodies, Household, Jewelry, Musical Instruments, Office Items, Pet Supplies, Records and CDs and Books, Sporting Goods, Tools. (No adult-sized clothing, please). Baby and Kid Items: Gently worn, clean, and complete Clothing, Gear, Electronics, Books, and Toys.

Bridging: HS Grad Recognition 4/23
Congrats, grad! Each spring our congregation recognizes seniors who are graduating from high school or finishing home school! Please fill out this form ASAP if you would like your grad to be recognized this year! The form is due by midnight the Sunday before the ceremony, April 16th.

Graduating youth and their families are invited to attend our service in person on Sunday, April 23rd Рso that we can honor you as a congregation Рbut this is not required. Bridging seniors also receive gifts from the congregation!

BREAD Update! Nehemiah Action 4/25
Your BREAD Network Members very much appreciated being commissioned by Amanda and you the congregation this past Sunday (3/5) and we look forward to talking with you in the upcoming weeks about the importance of your joining us at the BREAD Nehemiah Action on April 25th.

One of BREAD’s issues in its work for justice is a to get a municipal ID in Columbus. Our church board voted and staff agreed to send a letter to Columbus City Council supporting it. BREAD formed the One ID Columbus coalition that includes the Central Ohio Worker Center.

Please consider signing its supporting petition which states, ‚ÄúImplementing this program in Columbus will provide necessary identification for tens of thousands of residents, especially those in vulnerable populations who have trouble obtaining traditional forms of ID such as victims of domestic violence, people experiencing homelessness, immigrants, and those re-entering society from prison/jail‚Äč. This would represent a significant step in addressing a critical city-wide problem since lack of acceptable identification keeps these populations isolated and susceptible to exploitation.‚ÄĚ

Child Dedication Ceremony 5/14
Welcome, little one! Each year First UU invites families who would like to participate in a¬†Child Dedication ceremony to do so during our Mother’s Day service. Families are invited to attend the service in person¬†on May 14th – so that we can honor you as a congregation. There is no age limit for children participating! Please fill out this¬†form if you have a child you would like recognized this year – due by midnight the Sunday before the ceremony, May 7th.¬†Your family will receive a child dedication certificate and flowers.

From the beginning of time, parents have brought their children to houses of worship for dedication, out of a reverence for the mystery of life and a desire that their precious children should have the love and support of community as they grow into adulthood. Our ceremony is both the dedication of parents to their children and the dedication of this congregation to the privilege of providing these children with opportunities for spiritual growth.

Register Now for Peace Camp 2023!
Sign up now Рby filling out our 2023-2024 permission and interest form! We will be in touch shortly with information about payment, and to let you know whether you are on the roster or the waitlist. Cost: $100 suggested per child.

Session A: for 6-8years (9am-12noon, Monday 7/31 – Friday 8/4)
Session B: for 9-11years (9am-12noon, Monday 8/7 – Friday 8/11)

Peace Camp is a time for elementary aged children to gather together at First UU and explore concepts related to ‚ÄúPeace.‚ÄĚ We explore what peace means, looks like, and how it connects us. We learn about ourselves – our feelings and ideas. We learn about ourselves in relation to others – other people‚Äôs experiences and feelings are valuable and important. We work on interpersonal skills and explore what to do in challenging relationships. We also make space for conversation and expression of feelings related to what we have been experiencing this past year: whether worries, anxieties, or excitement. Most of all, we will connect with each other, spend time outside, and play!

Questions? Email Jen Bojanowski, our Peace Camp Director, or Amber Scott, our Director of Religious Exploration.

Save the Date! 1st UU Events
  • 3/24, 4/28 – Fourth Friday Dinner
  • 3/11, 4/8, 5/13¬†– All Soles Contra Dance
  • 3/25¬†– Rummage Sale
  • 3/27¬†– BREAD Rally at 7pm
  • 4/25 – BREAD Nehemiah Action at 6:45pm
  • Thru 4/30 –¬† Eric Murphy,¬†Subtle Chaos: Spacescapes and Jim Crow States¬†(1st UU Gallery)
  • 5/6 – Church Gardens and Grounds Work Day, 9am-1pm
  • 5/11¬†– Senior Gathering
  • 6/11, Sunday – Annual Meeting
  • 6/21-6/25 – UUA General Assembly
  • 7/9-7/15 – CER Summer Institute
  • 9/2-9/4 – Labor Day Retreat
Monthly Book Groups! 3/22, 4/12
4th Wednesday Daytime Book Group, March 22nd, at 1pm
March: Horse by Geraldine Brooks
April: The Light We Carry   Michelle Obama
May: Search by Michelle Hunven

NEW BOOK GROUP: 2nd Wednesday Evenings at 7pm. Contact Sylvia Howe!

Caring for One Another
At First UU, we provide groups that offer a way for you to connect to others in a similar situation. Our Caregivers Group, Chronic Pain Group and a group for those who are Widowed are currently being offered.

Continuing Bonds – the Widowed Group meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 3:30pm on Zoom. Email for more information

Caregivers Group – meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 1pm on Zoom. Email for more information

Chronic Pain Рmeets the 3rd Monday of each month at 7pm on Zoom. Email for more information 

Donations Needed: Feed and Read Ohio
Feed and Read is in need of clothing for a new-born boy. The Baby is expected to be born in about two months.¬†Please visit Jacques in Beach Hall either before or after Sunday’s service to drop off your donations.

Feed and Read Ohio is also in need of personal hygiene products: toothbrush, toothpaste, a bar of soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, shave gel, deodorant, comb, razor, lip balm, bandages, hand sanitizer, tissues, nail clippers, hair tied, and feminine hygiene products (tampons and pads).

Sacred Song Circle
Sacred Song Circle is back singing! We are in the worship center and socially distanced. Some folks are masking & the entire group is open to masking if there is any individual who requests. Join us 6:00 to 6:30pm every Wednesday. Only a willing heart is required, singing skill is welcome – but not necessary!
Get Involved!
Visit our engagement website to find info about classes, groups, choir, volunteer opportunities, and so much more! Group leaders: to add, update, or change your listing, please email Rev. Kelli.
Register Now: Back to the FUtUre Youth Con! 4/1
Some have asked, “What happened to Youth CONs? Are they in the past?” We say, “NO! It’s time for the¬†Back to the FUtUre CON¬†for UU youth in the Ohio Meadville area.”

Join us to jump-start this leap into our UU Youth Future. This all day event, 10am to 10pm, will include many ways to get to meet and know more about other UUs in the area. We will dig up some CON culture favorites with songs, games, workshops, crafts, community service, youth worship and food!

What do you want from this larger youth community for the FUtUre? We are going to brainstorm some ideas for our next gatherings too. Jump into the UU future of youth!

Register Now!

YWCA Family Shelter Needs Dinner Volunteers!
Can we add you to our list of people who may volunteer to cook each month? Crews of 5-6 people help cook up and serve a monthly pasta dinner at the YWCA Family shelter near E 5th Ave and 670 East, on the fourth Friday of each month. Fun for everyone Рno cooking experience necessary! Please contact Tim Hooks to be added to the list of potential helpers. Thanks for giving back!
Young Adult Climate Justice Trainings!
UU Young Adults for Climate Justice is offering workshops on Zoom for folks age 18-35, every Saturday in March from 3-4:30pm ET! Find more info and the link to register here!
Meet the Candidate for UUA President!
From March through June, Presidential forums will be held in person and online in congregations across the United States. Register to attend the first forum on March 18th!
UU@UN Intergenerational Spring Seminar
Join us for the 2023 UU@UN Intergenerational Spring Seminar, with the theme of “Demilitarization & Abolition: Resist Policing and Empire.” Militarized policing is a dire problem both in the U.S. and globally. This year‚Äôs Seminar aims to help us increase our understanding of abolition and equip ourselves with skills to take action. The Seminar will take place¬†April 1-3, 2023. Join youth (14+) and adults¬†in-person¬†– at the First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis –¬†and online¬†for programming and activities!
Side With Love Monthly Skill-Ups!
Join this monthly series of trainings on organizing skills – to help build our UU the Vote and Side with Love Volunteer Squads, and help YOU build stronger teams in your congregation and community!¬†We’ll start each¬†session with some spiritual fun and then launch into our training. This is also a chance to find out how to get more involved as a Side with Love volunteer, and to meet members of the Volunteer Squads.

Register for upcoming skill-ups, or view past trainings!

Trans/Nonbinary+ Pastoral Groups
New trans/nonbinary+ pastoral small group program online Рopportunities for adults, youth, and children! UPLIFT is excited to invite you to our monthly drop-in small groups for trans/nonbinary+ UUs (and friends) for fellowship, grounding, pastoral care, and connection Рthrough June 2023. More info here!
Monthly Young Adult Worship – Online!
Everyone age 18 to 30s is invited to the YARN (Young Adult Revival Network) Worship Series! Twice a month we gather for a participatory style of worship where attendees create a sacred, nourishing, and loving young adult space.

We host two worship services every month; A ‚ÄúWest Coast” worship at 6:30pm PT on 2nd Wednesdays; and an ‚ÄúEast Coast” worship at 7:00pm ET on the 4th Wednesday. Of course, people are welcome to attend either regardless of the local time. Attend this (and other UU YA events!) on Zoom!

UU Buddhist Convocation 4/27
Join us in person or online for Ecodharma: Buddhist Perspectives on the Ecological Crisis with guest teacher Dr. David Loy. Convocation is a biennial opportunity for UU Buddhists to sit together, compare notes, study, and play together. A guest teacher will offer dharma talks and teaching, and there will be times of meditation, workshops, and informal meals and breaks where attendees can get to know each other.

First UUers Rev. Lynda and Stuart Smith would love have company for the journey! Convocation begins Thursday, April 27th and ends Sunday April 30th, at the DeKoven Center in Racine Wisconsin. For more information, visit the registration website.

Register Now: UUA General Assembly
Unitarian Universalism is an evolving, thriving, living tradition shaped by the Unitarian Universalists in¬†UUA member congregations, UU groups and communities. Our annual General Assembly (GA) is the primary way we come together as a single body to deliberate, discern and take democratic action to move the UU faith forward. This year, GA will offer several pivotal opportunities to take part in thoughtful discernment and dialogue about the future of our faith, in addition to many chances for connection, worship and faith development in community with thousands of fellow UUs. Register today¬†to join us in Pittsburgh, PA or online for GA this June 21 ‚Äď 25 and be part of an historic time in our beloved living tradition.

Family Activities This Sunday, 3/12

Please plan for playground time, and dress for the weather each week!

  • 10-10:30am Breakfast!
  • 10:30am-12:30pm Toddler Care
  • 10:45am¬†OWL classes
  • 11am service,¬†HS Get Real, Coming of Age
  • 11:15am 3-6yr Spirit Play, 7-9yr Spirit Play
  • 11:15am 10-14yr In the Middle
  • Coffee Hour and Snack after the service ends
  • 12:30-1pm Peace Pals choir rehearsal
  • 12:30-2:30 Youth Group meeting
  • 1pm Navigators scouting hike offsite

Register for Next Year, and Fill Out Annual Emergency Paperwork Here!

We Need You – in the RE Classroom!

Join the¬†dream team – hanging out with our young people is truly the most fun you can have on a Sunday mornings!¬†Sign up now for next year – we need¬†classroom assistants, leads,¬†and subs for all age groups! You can make¬†a difference in the lives of our children and teens. ūüôā¬†Fill¬†out this form¬†to get started!

First UU also utilizes very part time Sunday morning Toddler Sitters (~2hrs per week at $15/hr. Your hire is contingent on a background check. Interested candidates: please email Amber!

Upcoming Family Events!

  • Teacher Appreciation, 6-7yr OWL graduation celebration, 3/12
  • Fourth Friday Dinner! 6:30pm, 3/24
  • Youth-led service: “Rainbows of Religion” (All Ages, no RE), 3/26
  • ¬†Mini Youth Con (more details TBA), 4/1
  • 10-11yr OWL graduation celebration, 4/2
  • RE Spring Festival (including throwing color after the service), 4/9
  • Flower Ceremony (All Ages, no RE), 4/16
  • HS Grad Bridging, RE Service and Open House, 4/23
  • Fourth Friday Dinner! 6:30pm, 4/28
  • Navigators Spring Campout, 5/5-5/7
  • 13-14yr OWL graduation celebration, 5/6 or 5/7
  • Mother’s Day, Child Dedication, 5/14
  • Coming of Age Service, RE end of year parties, 5/21
  • No RE, holiday weekend, 5/28
  • Summer RE begins, 6/4
  • Youth¬†trip to General Assembly, 6/21-6/25
  • CER Summer Institute, 7/9-7/15
  • Peace Camp, 7/31-8/4 and 8/7-8/11
  • Labor Day Retreat, 9/2-9/4
  • Ingathering / Water Ceremony (All Ages, No RE), 9/10
  • Fall RE begins, 9/17