First UU Auction—2021

Our annual auction is an important fundraising event for the church and a great way to bring people together.  The 2020 Auction, chaired by Cathy O’Neil raised $33,069.75 to support our ministry and an additional $10,000 to fund a new intern.

With the topsy-turvy world we live in, we’re doing things a bit differently this year.

  • Everything will be offered online.
  • Bidding will take place over three weeks with new items every week.

Week 1: Let’s Eat!   February 1–6
Week 2: Good Stuff!   February 7–14
Week 3: Community & Camaraderie   February 15–20

Click here to enter your items/donations.


  • How to Log in and Donate. Watch the video here.
  • How to Bid and Pay.  Watch the video here.
  • Auction 101 meeting video recording here.
  • Watch the skit from the December 6th worship service here.

2021 Auction Team Co-Chairs: Candee Rothert, Marylou MacDonald, Susan O’Donnell
Questions or interested in helping? Email us at:


Ideas for Auction Items

A new normal doesn’t mean a totally new Auction

Please don’t let our Topsy-Turvy world keep you from donating something you have always given. What is different is that we are welcoming more of your good stuff!

Ideas for Let’s Eat!

  • Cooking Do you have a special recipe you’d love to teach others? Do it on zoom!
  • Cocktail Hour Deliver the makings of your favorite cocktail to the winners; then toast on  video chat.
  • Porch Brunch Bunch Have a few folks over to enjoy a light brunch or afternoon tea.
  • Put a Bow on It Create a gift basket filled with muffins and jam or other goodies.

Ideas for Good Stuff!

  • Creative crafts
  • Kitchen gadgets
  • Art work of all kinds
  • Jewelry & scarves & purses
  • Lamps & small furniture
  • Garden tools & decor
  • Stationery & supplies
  • Sports equipment
  • Picture frames
  • DVDs & CDs

Ideas For Community & Camaraderie!

How-to Classes:

  • Crafts Share your love of knitting, sewing, papercraft! Teach a single lesson or a series.
  • Arts Offer a basic art class or trendy wine & painting class. Provide a supply list or deliver the supplies to your students’ front porch. Meet on Zoom.
  • Using Social Media What’s TikTok? What’s a hashtag? Why should I be on LinkedIn? Do you know? Offer a class in social media.

Host a Party:

  • Online Table-top Games Play on Tabletopia or Board Game Arena.
  • Team Trivia Let’s Roam has options for playing online trivia with friends.
  • Karaoke night Lucky Voice has one way to do it.
  • Music Night Set up a fun Spotify playlist and rock out with friends on Zoom!
  • Netflix Party is a new way to watch Netflix with your friends online.
  • Move It!
  • Swim Party Meet at a lake or pool, host a few people for a swim.
  • Two wheeling Lead a group bike ride on your favorite route.
Now that you have an idea for an auction item, click here to connect to the Auction website and enter your items/donations!