Meditation Monday – Building Safety in the Body

This week’s Meditation Monday blog is brought to you by Amber Scott, who is guest starring today in place of Kelli McNeal! 

This past weekend I was fortunate to attend a workshop put on by the Central East Region called Rooted for this World: Building Safety in the Body, which was led by Rev. Megan Visser.

Reverend Megan talks about two strategies we can use to build resilience in the body. Containment is appreciating a part of your body and giving it physical support by lovingly holding it. Mirroring is a way to express emotions you are feeling by physically moving parts of your body.

My favorite practice was containment for the eyes. You take the heel of your palms, and place them on your cheekbones, creating a warm, safe cave over your eyes. Experiment with placement of your fingers, sitting down, standing up, or laying down, and how much pressure you apply. Find an arrangement that feels good for you. Let me know if you try this practice at home, and what you think of it!

Visit to read Rev. Megan Visser’s keynote address, and to try on her practices for containment and mirroring of the eyes, jaw, chest, and stomach!