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January 2023
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As Unitarian Universalists, we know that to hold Unitarian Universalist values is to live them out in the wider world and to work for justice as we are called to it. Side With Love has supported this faithful commitment for many years. One way this support has manifested itself is through a treasured annual tradition of celebrating 30 Days of Love.

30 Days of Love is a gift to our whole community: for all the individuals, families, religious professionals, partners and groups that embody our values and work for justice and liberation year after year. Starting on Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 16 through Valentine’s Day on February 14, 30 Days of Love will help nourish our spirits with a range of messages and practices of gratitude and affirmation. Learn more in this newsletter about each weekly theme and how to get updates on resources as they become available.

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In 2023, 30 Days of Love will offer spiritual nourishment for the long haul, with weekly messages and resources shared from January 16 – February 14. Each week will focus on a different theme and resources will be published online each Monday:

  • Week 1: interdependence theme with a focus on democracy and electoral justice
  • Week 2: embodiment theme with a focus on LGBTQIA+, gender and reproductive justice
  • Week 3: resilience theme with a focus on climate justice
  • Week 4: healing theme with a focus on decriminalization
  • February 13-14 are bonus days with a theme of blessings and a focus on liberatory intersections

Once they become available online, we hope you’ll use the resources in whatever ways are meaningful and useful for you and your congregation or community. Some individuals may watch a video blessing during their lunch hour; religious educators might use the Time for All Ages in worship, or teachers might start their classes with the body practice; families might incorporate a written reflection and discussion into their mealtime; congregational Board members and committee chairs might use a grounding practice to kick off that week’s meeting agenda.

However you choose to use them, we offer these resources as a spiritual balm to help nourish us and prepare us to continue the long-haul work for justice that lies ahead. Get more details and weekly updates online through Side With Love.

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P.S. Have you seen this story about Unitarian Universalist Becky Harper living out her values and siding with love in support of democracy and voting rights in North Carolina? She is lead plaintiff in a case before the U.S. Supreme Court, Moore v. Harper, that will impact how states can influence voting in federal elections.