BLM Perspectives

Justice Update

#BLM – or Black Lives Matter – has different interpretations according to the audience. The message here is from the perspective of a long-time UU who tries to take a wide-angle perspective on BLM. With a little history and a look a the evolution of the movement, plus a personal perspective, here are some names and groups associated with BLM’s development for your further investigation. And an invitation to do more.

Rev. Lynda Smith has been a member of First UU since 2014. Besides leading the JAM team, she sings with the Spirit of Life Choir. She was a Board member of UU Justice Ohio for 6 years. She was ordained as a UU minister in 2006 & has served a community ministry as a hospital chaplain, a jail chaplain, & a substance abuse counselor. She served congregations in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio (Athens). She served the Wayne County Jail in Detroit, MI for 9 months as a student chaplain. She was in the Franklin County Jail in Columbus for 1 night after she engaged in Civil Disobedience with the Poor People’s Campaign of Ohio. Retirement has given her time to expand her butterfly garden in her front yard in Clintonville.