First UU Columbus

A Welcoming Congregation

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Are you are looking for a welcoming and caring community?

A place where you will be welcomed fully, fed spiritually, challenged intellectually, and encouraged to participate in a variety social justice projects?  If so, please spend some of your time with us.  Attend some of our Sunday worship services and participate in any of the various weekly activities we offer. Visitors are always welcome.


"Getting to Know UU" sessions are held after every Sunday service in Slowter Lounge, in the back of the Worship center.vistor_table_opt_opt

Also after Sunday worship services, you are welcome to join church members and other visitors in Fellowship Hall, directly through the front gallery, for refreshments and conversation. There, you may also browse in our bookstore or visit our social justice tables.  Questions are always welcome.

Our Religious Education programs for children and youth are active during Sunday worship. You and your school-age children are invited to the intergenerational beginning of the services in the Worship Center.

The windowed Family Room and Slowter Lounge, both found in the back of the Worship Center, are available for families with children who want to remain together during the service and need a more relaxed space.

Come join us.  You are always welcome!