At any time, but especially during the severe social restrictions placed on us because of the COVID-19 threat, normal and important human interactions may be hard to maintain.  First UU wants to extend its love and support to the people who call us their church home. To this end, we are creating a system to stay in regular contact with those in our church community who may feel vulnerable, lonely, or just in need of more human connection.

What is UU Cares?

UU Cares will work similar to a buddy system. People volunteer or request to be paired up with another First UUer. The pair checks on each other regularly, most likely with a phone conversation, to see if they are OK or need anything. Daily check-ins are recommended, especially during this time of heightened anxiety and threat of serious illness. The most important thing is to check-in. The length of conversation is up to the individuals.

How do I sign up?
You simply let someone on the Pastoral Care Council know you are interested. You will then be paired with another First UUer. If you have a preference, you can let us know with whom you would like to paired. In order to get to know each other better, we strongly encourage cross-generational pairing when possible.

When does it start? And for how long?
UU Cares will begin as soon as we receive enough names to make pairings. We will always care and want connection, but these check-ins are initially designed to cover the social-distancing guidelines for best practices during the coronavirus pandemic. We strongly suspect that many of these check-in pairings will continue well into the future. The timeline is up to the individuals involved.

What if more care is needed?
This is not a medical check but a general well-being connection point. If needed, Rev. Marian, Rev. Eric, or the Pastoral Care Council can offer pastoral assistance. If medical attention is needed, people are always encouraged to seek medical care. Also contact us if you cannot reach your partner as scheduled.

Can pairs be reassigned?
If necessary, we can reassign you to a new pairing. Send your request to Bob Mills.

Who can sign up?
Everyone who calls First UU home.

Pastoral Care Council
Bob Mills, Team Lead
Rev. Eric Meter
Rev. Marian Stewart
Su Farnlacher
Rev. Kathleen Fowler
Carole Wilhelm
Rev. Alison Wohler