Tuesday Talk 5/28/19

and sometimes a little later…

Hello First UUers,

There are many ways to become ‘local’. Most depend on length of time you live in the area. However, there are some events that compress that timeline and speed up the assimilation. Last night right after going to bed (and after dealing with plumbing issues), my house guest and I plunged ourselves into the basement, heeding the broadcasts and sirens warning of tornados in the area. Fortunately, the basement is finished and well-stocked with entertainment options, including TV, books, puzzles, and games. We whiled away the time fitting a few dozen more pieces into the puzzle that we had started earlier in the weekend.

Tornados are scary. I’m used to earthquakes and hurricanes, both frightening as well, but this was my first live tornado drill. As a child on annual family pilgrimages to visit grandparents in Indiana, I remember seeing Xenia over the years – before, just after, and years after – twisters destroyed much of the town. It is hard to fathom such instantaneous destruction. Equally hard is the emotional energy it must take to rebuild not just houses and buildings, but lives. Maybe this is part of what mid-westerners a hardy bunch.

I won’t deny that my Ohio geography is still in the ‘learning’ phase as is the state’s history. But somehow, after sharing Monday night basement stories with others at work today, I feel a little more local. I hope we don’t have to do that often, if ever again. Although I have to admit, sharing a common experience goes a long way to feeling included. I just wish the wind didn’t have to blow so hard.

Wouldn’t it be easier to get tickets to an OSU football game? I learned “OH-IO” very early.

Rev. Marian

See you Sunday at the Annual Congregational Meeting!