Tuesday Talk 5/15/19

Dear First UUers,

We had a great RE-imagine, RE-engage, RE-commit Community Conversation this past Friday with about 40-45 people in attendance from diverse areas of church life, including our elected Board members and ministers. Thank you all for attending and sharing your ideas – and your willingness to engage and commit to our Religious Exploration program. Others who could not attend the meeting have given their support as well. Our children and youth deserve the very best we can give them. Your input and wisdom are invaluable as we look forward and plan for the future.

This Sunday’s service will feature our Religious Exploration program. We will hear from teachers and volunteers what it means to them to teach our children. We are also hoping to have Carey McDonald with us not only at the afternoon Choir Concert, but also for our morning services. As the son of our Music Director, Tony McDonald, Carey grew up in First UU’s RE program. He now serves our denomination as the Vice-President of the UUA. That is a very big deal and he is doing a great job.

Speaking of young people, Rev. Eric, Amanda, and I had dinner with a few of our graduating high school seniors on Saturday night. What an inspiring evening! It gave me great hope for the future. We will have the pleasure of having one of these seniors help me lead the Sunday service on Memorial Day weekend. Emma Merchant will also lead the July 7th service. In addition to years of experience participating and leading in y UU youth programs at our church and across the region and denomination, Emma has just completed an internship quarter at the UU church in Indianapolis. It will be a real treat to hear what she has to say.

Looking back at how we impact our children’s lives through our engagement with them, I am humbled by the fact that as hard as we try, we are unable to give them a better world. At the same time, I am buoyed by their energy, enthusiasm, and eagerness to make their own mark. I trust that we have given them a solid foundation of UU values that will serve them well into the future.

I don’t know about you, but in my experience, I often gain so much more than I give when I work with our young people. I am curious to hear what your experience has been. And if you need reminded, there are opportunities to volunteer!

Blessings for RE-imagining, RE- engaging committing, and RE- committing for a bright future filled with hope.

Rev. Marian