Tuesday Talk – 4/23/19

Dear First UUers,

As much as I love the snow, spring makes my inner kid come out. I just want to run and laugh and play. My spirit is lighter and I find more joy in being alive. Not that winter doesn’t have its gifts, but spring is so colorful and full of promise and hope. For me, it is a resurrection of my spirit. What renews your spirit?

In Daily Compass, one of the meditation blogs I follow, an example was given about makeovers – people, houses, cars. It included photos of an old car before and after restoration. It was hard to recognize the dilapidated car that had clearly been abandoned decades earlier, now buffed up with headlights and other parts repaired. Thanks to restoration, the reader was able to easily recognize what was there all along. The renewal process just brought it to light.

If warm weather and sunlight allows plants to blossom and grow, and some TLC restores old cars, I wonder what renews your soul when you get a little tired and worn down? What in you needs a little light and could be brought forward? What makes your heart sing?

With love at the center, joy in my heart, and a little garden dirt under my nails,

Rev. Marian