Tuesday Talk – 4/2/19

Dear First UUers,

Sometimes, you just have to do it. Enough of the this or that, you have to choose. It might not be perfect and it may involve change or discomfort (aka learning curve), but by golly, its time.

I look at the bulbs that are beginning to bloom. Enough of winter! Already we’re seeing crocus and daffodils. Surely, tulips must be on their way. After a long winter’s sleep in comfy composted gardens or even random resting spots that squirrels have missed, the nudge of the sun’s warmth pulls life up and out of the ground.

In my life, I’ve had to find direction too. Sure, I’ve stayed busy but it took me a long time to put it all together. Ministry is not my first career but it has gathered everything I have learned throughout life and put it all together. I love what I do. It is a calling, even if some days are hard. There is much joy too. I’m sure the daffodils don’t like the late blasts of winter either, but they blossom in glorious color. They just have to do it. Aren’t we lucky!

It is that way with church too. We have to push through in order to bloom. Over time, we go through cycles and seasons. As we grow as a congregation, we gather all of our wisdom and focus on what we do best. Caring. Loving. Nurturing. First UU has a great future as it helps us live our values at home and out into the world. Together, we care for each other, love the **** out of this world, and nurture our amazing children and youth. None of us could do this alone.

Can you tell – I am excited about the coming year! Like the early spring bulbs, we’ve experienced a few chilly spells, but we can use these experiences and pull them together along with all the wonderful things we do and watch out! Here we come.

As we kick off our Annual Stewardship Campaign, READY! SET! GO!, we are shaping the church to be we need for today…and tomorrow. Over the years, solid foundations have been laid. The soil of community has been tilled. The compost of experience has been added. Bulbs and seeds have been planted. With some TLC, we can nurture not only the flowers of today, but those yet to come.

For various reasons, we’ve lost way more than we would have imagined this winter. Death, relocation, disruption. We’ve also added members, funded Reserve funds with generous donations, welcomed a new Director of Religious Exploration, grown along with our talented ministerial intern, loved and taught our children, experienced amazing music, worked for justice, ate and drank coffee together, and so much more. If we want all this to continue, we need to support what we do, and plan and plant for the future.

Come to First Friday Community Stewardship Dinner and find out what you can do and what we can do together. Food and childcare will be provided. Program will be provided. A surprise – a grand unveiling of something we’ve been waiting a long time for – will be included. There will also be something for you to do. Come, find out. RSVP now.

I love spring. Maybe it’s all the flowers. But I suspect it is more than that. It is when nature springs back to life and I feel the energy rising in my own being. As a church, we welcome spring too. Take advantage of your opportunity to help make our future bright and sunny. We’ll shine as bright as can be and our energy will help us bloom. It’s in our nature. Now is the time to just do it. READY! SET! GO!

Blessings to all,

Rev. Marian



  • There is a woman, possibly others, who has been waiting by the outside doors of the RE wing (Panera side) AND now, outside our front entrance and main parking lot as well, to panhandle folks as they leave Sunday service. Sometimes she has an Order of Service or even mentions my name. BEWARE! The stories ply on our desire to help. PLEASE DO NOT ENCOURAGE THIS: DO NOT GIVE MONEY and DO NOT GIVE RIDESAlready, this activity seems to be spreading as she has gotten money, sometimes a lot, from First UUers who mean well. Be caring but be also be safe. Send this woman, or whoever may be in need, to either myself or Rev. Eric.Thanks to your generosity, we have a Minsters’ Discretionary Fund and can offer assistance and referrals. We also know some of these people and their situations. Giving money in the parking lot does not help. Offering rides does not help. Again, DO NOT GIVE MONEY. DO NOT GIVE RIDES. Send them to a minister. We will help on behalf of the church.

Also, do not leave valuables in an unlocked car. Do not leave purses or valuables in the coat closet or in unattended rooms. Lock doors if you are the last to leave. In general, be kind and be aware.

  • GRATITUDE:Thank you to Tony McDonald, our Music Director, and to Brandon Moss, our Chalice Choir Director, for a FABULOUS concert Sunday night. Wow!!!



For additional activities and events, please see First UU News (posted on Fridays)

 For information about family and child-focused events and classes, or to be added to the RE News mailing list, contact Elizabeth Mount, our Director of Religious Exploration. 



First Friday, April 5th, 6:30pm, Fellowship Hall 

Community Stewardship Dinner – Everyone is invited!

Leave the cooking to us…


Come one, come all and let us celebrate community and what we do together – and what is possible. There will be Table Captains, food, program, and a surprise– a grand unveiling of something we’ve all been waiting for. Childcare is provided.



Sunday, April 7th, 9:15 & 11am 

“Who We Are: Our 6thUU Principle” with Rev. Eric

Jennifer, our first Fund for Immigration Legal Assistance (FILA) recipient, will share her story

Our UU Principle sermon series, “Who We Are”, continues. Unitarian Universalists don’t profess creeds or archaic dogma but we do express our values in terms of principles. This series takes a creative, curious, and challenging look into how we define ourselves. Today we will reflect on principle: #6 – We affirm and promote the goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all.




 Saturday, April 6th, 5:30–7:30pm, Columbus Mennonite Church 

Alambre Fundraiser—Edith is Cooking!

This Saturday, April 6th, Edith Espinal will be cooking—this time it will be alambre (steak, bacon, and peppers), with zucchini stir-fry as a vegetarian option. All funds will go to Edith and her family to help cover family expenses.

Cost: $15 per adult; donation for a child’s meal; cash or check.

RSVP link.


FILA: First UU’s Benevolence Fund for Immigration Legal Assistance

FILA is up and running and is accepting donations (tax-deductible) and applications for assistance. Brochures detailing the fund are available in the lobby and back hallway, and information is also readily accessible via the church website, at: www.firstuucolumbus.org/fila

Donations can be made via check (made payable to First UU, with FILA in the memo line) or via the website, following the link, above. Questions may be addressed to either Jan Phillips, or via email at:  FILA@firstuucolumbus.org

The fund has helped its first recipient, Jennifer, a mother with two children, helping her pay fees to file her application for asylum.  


Gift Cards. Kroger gift cards to help Edith and her family with food while she is in Sanctuary. Give your cards to Jan P. or Ginnie V. in Fellowship Hall after services.



Sponsored by the First UU Archives Team

 April 1, 1786

William Johnson Fox was born in Uggleshall, Suffolk, England. A Unitarian minister born of poor parents, he championed the unprivileged and unprotected of society and served a number of churches, including Universalist Chapel in Parliament Court in London. Fox was a fine orator and joined John Stuart Mill in establishing the London Reviewand The Westminster Review. He was also a proprietor of The Monthly Repository, a Unitarian periodical. Fox fought for freedom in trade, politics, and religion. In 1847 he became a member of Parliament and was much admired by Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. He sponsored many bills to help the poor and dispossessed, especially education bills. He died on June 3, 1864.