Dear First UUers,

I’ve missed you! After a wonderful week of learning and sharing at the Sr. Ministers of Large UU Churches retreat in Los Angeles (where it snowed!) a couple weeks ago, I came down with this winter bug that so many folks are ‘enjoying’. Yuck! I am feeling much better and finally am getting my voice and energy back. I hope everyone else who has been under the weather is feeling better too.

At the Sr. Ministers retreat, we had a guest presenter, Resmaa Menakem, who talked to us and led us in participatory exercises about racism and its legacy impacts that we carry in our bodies, regardless of the color of our skin. One of the most impactful exercises showed us how traumatic events that were experienced by our elders were still affecting us today. The details were not always shared or passed down, and were often forgotten, but the impact of the event was carried in unspoken ways through the generations. Beware! Run! Hide! Dogs! Police! White! Black!…The details faded but the coping mechanisms or behaviors that resulted from those experiences were carried forward. Our bodies remember trauma – and we pass it on.

I highly recommend Menakem’s book, My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies. It adds a complexity to our understanding of racism and also provides an avenue of hope. I am reminded once again that it takes body, mind, and spirit working together to effectively address the most menacing issues we face.

I hope you will be at church this Sunday as participants from the Beloved Conversations classes present what they’ve learned. I also want the thank our ministerial intern, Amanda Hayes, for bringing this work to us. We look forward to continuing Beloved Conversations in the years to come. (We’re already working on plans for next year!)

Stay well. Keep warm. And I’ll see you on Sunday (or earlier at a class or workshop…see below).

Remember to change your clocks. Sunday is Daylight Savings Time!


Rev. Marian


P.S. If you are following the No More Deaths saga out of our UU church in Tucson, here is an update article about the volunteers leaving water in the desert.


First Friday, April 5th, 6:30pm, Fellowship Hall 

Community Stewardship Dinner – Everyone is invited!

Leave the cooking to us…

Come, celebrate community and what we do together – and what is possible. Mark your calendars now. Watch this space and others for more details.


For additional activities and events, please see First UU News (posted on Fridays)

 For information about family and child-focused events and classes, or to be added to the RE News mailing list, contact Elizabeth Mount, our Director of Religious Exploration. 


Friday, March. 8th, Beginners 7:30–8:00pm; Dance 8:00–10:30pm, Fellowship Hall

All Soles Contra and Square Dance 

Kate Power, who started this dance almost 17 years ago, will lead a creative program of dances that will ease new dancers into building up skills and confidence, while engaging and challenging experienced dancers. Expect a fun mix of contras, squares, and a four-facing-four. We will dance to the joyful old-time tunes of The Pegheads, a band comprised of these Columbus-area musicians: Michael Allen, Barry Chern, Bruce Dadisman, Genelle Denzin, Jody Dorrell, Mike Eberle, Liz Harzoff, Karen Mortland, Bethany Schellin, Janet and John Schomburg, Bonny Shiplet, and Pat Wilcox. Every dance is a beginners’ dance! Cost is $8 for adults; $4 ages 12-25; and free for those under 12. Free childcare available. For more information, visit: or


Saturday, March 9th, 9am–1pm, Room 7

Path to Membership Class 

This class explains the next steps to becoming a member of First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus. It is designed for newcomers and is always recommended before deciding to become a First UU member. Your participation in the class does not obligate you to join our church. You are cordially invited to participate. To register: Christine Davidson, Congregational Life Coordinator,


Saturday, March 9th, 1–4pm, Fellowship Hall

Soul Stories Workshop

(this is the Nic Askew/Soul Biographies work that Revs. Marian and Eric presented in a sermon a few weeks ago)

Join us for a workshop to explore the science of listening. This is an experiential workshop that will address the mechanics, setup, and theories used to go deeper into questions like, “What’s on your heart?” and “How goes it with your soul?” Rev. Marian, Rev. Eric, and Sam Pollock will lead the workshop.


 Sunday, March 10th, 9:15 & 11am 

“What I Learned in Beloved Conversations” with Amanda, ministers, class participants

What has been happening with or antiracism program, beloved conversations? What have we learned? What will we do about it?



 First UU Benevolence Fund for Immigration Assistance

Beneficiaries will be residents of Central Ohio, with preference given to parents of underage children and young people who fit within the DACA age range. Jan Phillips, 614-261-3234, or


Gift Cards. Kroger gift cards to help Edith and her family with food while she is in Sanctuary. Give your cards to Jan P. or Ginnie V. in Fellowship Hall after services.



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 March 5, 1864

On March 4, 1864 Thomas Starr King, a Universalist and Unitarian minister

and missionary on the West Coast, died at age 39 of diphtheria. When he died,

President Lincoln ordered guns to be fired from U.S. forts in recognition of his service to

the country.