Tuesday Talk 12/11/19

Senior Gathering was a huge success! Again. 🙂
Thank you to all who helped.

Carole Wilhelm, Eve Catus, Sheila Holdford, and Paula Hook (who volunteered on her birthday!)
Left to Right: Larry Drake, Oliver Jones, Frank Phillips, Sandy Coen, Tony Skrabak, and Chas Williams with Tom Beerman, seated.

Tuesday Talk

OK. A puppy changes everything. Wow! So much love and soooo cute, but my, oh my, there is zero chance for life to be boring. Not that it was (although Maddie Catty might have liked it that way).

Fiona has me on a puppy training schedule. Up early. Go for a walk. Get a little breakfast. Play. Work. Nap. Play. Work. Nap… with just enough trips outside to check on the weather (and the bushes).

Fortunately, little Fiona already has people friends to help out a bit. Let me know if you want some puppy time!

I would have never gotten a puppy if I known that on Thanksgiving, I would find out that my mom had just been diagnosed with late stage lung cancer with metastasis to her brain. (She swears smoking didn’t do her in.) To help, I am fitting in quick trips to North Carolina to help her get into hospice, do some planning, and help her bake cookies (it was Mom’s Lacy Oatmeal Cookie recipe that I baked for Cookie Fair) for her friends who are coming to share stories and say good-bye. The timeline is not clear but I’m guessing I will still be going back and forth to NC from now through January, possibly February.

Holidays are always such a mix of emotions for me. There is so much joy – including a new puppy – but they are also tinged with realities of our human fragility. Is it that way with you too?

I hope for each of you that in this season when we celebrate light and love in so many ways, you find more than enough joy to carry you through. May your holidays be bright, magical, and also real. Share with others a listening ear or a gift from the heart. Make room for those who are without. Holidays and every day work best if you put love at the center.

Happy Holidays,
Rev. Marian
(and Fiona and Maddie)

Cookies! Cookies!
A crowd fav… im-peach-mint treats along with with an assortment of holiday delights from the Cookie Fair.
Scenes from our Holiday Bazaar
Holiday Appeal table with Christmas Love Bear (Ron Payne and Patricia Boughton); Fair Trade table (volunteers with Barb Avery); Bookstore(Kathleen Boston and Greg Denby); Coming of Age (CoA) youth selling items for their service project (filling food boxes for hungry in Columbus); Caring Cards and Holiday Cards for all to sign.
 On being Welcoming…

We are a welcoming congregation. Everyone is welcome at First UU. With that welcome comes a covenant, a Covenant of Respectful Relations.

At times, someone – a guest or even one of us – presents behavior that challenges our idea of healthy community. We try to create a safe space at First UU but in addition to being human, we are a public space and no space can be totally safe. Here are some strategies that might be useful.

– If emergency, call 911.
– Immediately find Rev. Marian or a staff member (we are wearing red/white name tags).
– Fire alarm: find nearest exit. Children will be led outside by teachers. Find them outside, not inside.
– do NOT leave valuables in coat pockets or out of your control.

– The children are ok. We have a robust safety policy for our RE program.

– Put love at the center.
– Use your head and your heart.
– Stay calm. Breathe. Don’t escalate.
– Listen to hear behind the behavior.
– Have empathy.
– Be respectful.
– Set boundaries. It is OK to say “no”.
– Accompany person to talk with Rev. Marian or staff member.
– Send someone to get Rev. Marian or staff member.
– Breathe.
– We are a loving and welcoming congregation.

Cookie Elf…err Reindeer Donna Greenman wishes to thank everyone who baked and helped with the Cookie Fair. It was a huge success. Hope everyone enjoys all the goodies!

Opportunities and Reminders

Cookie Fair Elves
Thank you Donna Greenman, Marylou MacDonald, and Donna Adassa
Yummy! Our tummies are full of holiday sweets. THANK YOU!
And a very special thanks to all who baked such yummy treats.

First Friday
Thank you Christine Davidson, Amber Scott, and Rev. Eric, and all who cooked, cleaned, and helped so all could enjoy First Friday at First UU!

From our Auction Team…
Our First UU Auction:  Come Fly with Me! is Saturday, February 22 at 5 pm.
We need many donations in order to make our auction “take off”! Please enter your items online. We will have an auction table in Beach Hall on December 22 and 29 after the services. At the auction table you can sign up for childcare, to bring an appetizer, to volunteer, to make a donation and to get your questions answered. Can’t think about what to donate? Ask us! We have lots of suggestions.

***Middle Hour…Middle Hour…Middle Hour***
10:15–10:45am, Beach Hall
Join us in Beach Hall for an all-ages holiday sing-a-long.
We are growing!

Since the start of the new church year, we have welcomed 15 new members. Make sure to stop by the New Member bulletin board next to the workroom to learn a little bit more about them.  We are so glad you are here with us!

New Members:
Brittany Hulbert, Nancy Price, Jim Price, Graig Cote, Christopher Harrigan, Heidi Beke-Harrigan, Ronald Payne, Jane Payne, Jennifer Nelson, Sheila Holdford, Jack Holdford, Shana French, Christopher French, Georgeann Neuzil, Jake Huber


For additional churchwide activities and events, please see First UU News (emailed on Fridays and in the Sunday Order of Service).

For information about family and child-focused events and classes, see the RE News (emailed to families and in the Sunday Order of Service).

Friday, December 13th, Beach Hall
All Soles Contra and Square Dance 
7:30–8pm Beginner’s Session
8–10:30pm Dance

Jeanie and the Dreamers will provide the music for the evening and Gaye Fifer will lead our dancers.
New to dancing? The beginners’ session will get you started. You will learn some basic figures that will be repeated in the evening’s dances. All dances will be taught and no partner is needed.
Free childcare is available in a nearby classroom.
Cost is $8 for adults; $4 ages 12-25; and free for those under 12.
For more information, visit:

ONE Service ONLY @ 10am
Sunday, December 15
th, 10am, Sanctuary
Music Sunday: Concert of the Choirs
Come enjoy the music of First UU’s choirs. This will be a music filled service featuring Peace Pals, Rising Voices, Spirit of Life, and Chalice choirs. Note that it will be ONE SERVICE at 10am only.

Holiday Appeal

Consider a holiday gift to support all the great things we do…caring, services, programs, justice, engagement, community involvement, and so much more. Your special gift this season helps us be a stronger congregation and live our values more fully. Give online or see Patricia at the Holiday Appeal table on Sundays.

December 26–January 1

Coordinator: Cath Saveson
We will be hosting the “Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth” again this holiday season in the Worship Center. The schedule for its availability is:
– Thursday – Monday, December 26-30: 3–7pm
– Tuesday, December 31: 7pm–midnight
– Wednesday, January 1: 10am–3pm
Volunteers are needed! Sign up to host or help with labyrinth set up/takedown.
Musicians are invited to perform contemplative music to provide a meditative environment for labyrinth walkers. Sign up to provide music

First UU Auction: Come Fly with Me! 
Saturday, February 22, 2020
To really take off, we’ll need many donations to zoom in and take the bidding sky high! You can donate from the auction website or email.  We’ll have a table in Beach Hall starting near the end of November, then on January 5 and February 9 we will have Auction 101 sessions during Middle Hour to share auction information and answer questions.

Save your stuff!
Rummage Sale
May 22, 2020 weekend

We will also need volunteers. Please contact Seth Kraut (614-477-0099) or Rachel Kraut (614-774-2362). We need household items (kitchen decor, small appliances, baskets, lamps), jewelry and accessories, working toys/games/puzzles, garden, travel and camping items. More information will follow.


Please join Miriam Vargas and her family as they celebrate the Holidays
Friday, December 13, 2019
6:30 to 8:30 PM

First English Lutheran Church
1015 E. Main Street, Columbus, OH  43205

Please bring either an appetizer or a dessert to share.
Drinks provided.
Raffle, tree trimming, music, and other entertainment.

Gift cards are needed to provide food for Edith Espinal, Miriam Vargas, and the Honduran family living at Just North. Kroger cards are preferred. Jan Phillips is collecting the gift cards. You may give them to her at church, or leave them with Rev. Marian.
Sponsored by the First UU Archives Group
Dedember 10, 1741
John Murray, the founder of modern Universalism, was born in Alton, England. Many historians say that Universalism in America began when Murray’s boat from England ran aground at Cranberry Inlet, NJ, in 1770. There he met Thomas Potter,who believed God sent Murray to preach Universalism in his family chapel, which he built in 1760. There is evidence that the Independent Christian Church (Universalist) of Gloucester, MA, was first gathered in 1774, meeting in people’s homes. In 1793, Murray moved to Boston and stayed there as minister until his death. He was known as an eloquent preacher. During the Revolutionary War, General George Washington appointed Murray chaplain to the Rhode Island Brigade. His second wife, Judith Sargent Stevens Murray, helped him write his autobiography, which has gone through many editions. He died on September 3, 1815, at the age of 74.