Tuesday Talk 11/5/2019

First Friday Fun!
More than 50 kids of all ages enjoyed a Harry Potter themed evening at hUUgwarts.

Tuesday Talk

On Sunday I told a story about a friend who is an imam at a mosque. He lives his life in a mindful manner consistent with his faith. One day, which happened to be the day before he was to leave on a big trip, he was notified by the powers that be, that his fence was on his neighbor’s property. Upset that he had offended his neighbor (even though the fence was in place before he bought his house) and that he might be in the wrong, he sprung into action. He delayed his trip and took care of the issue, allowing his neighbor to resume their building plans. His faith guided him to make amends, even if it meant he was inconvenienced.

My question to the congregation was, if the fence was your fence, how would your UU faith inform your actions?

For me, I believe it is our covenant. We don’t have creeds or dogma, but we do have covenants aka promises. I hold these to be true as ideals for how I interact within our church and outside its walls – family, work, grocery store… Even if they are inconvenient, you can’t just switch covenants on and off as you come and go. They inform your life.

What are our covenants?
Look at our seven UU principles. We covenant together to practice them in our lives. At first, they look easy, common sense. But they are actually hard to do. You can’t cherry pick – you have to hold them in balance. They way I look at is, the first principle, the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and the seventh, the interdependence of everything, everyone, are the pillars. The remaining principles, 2–6, are the bridge that informs how we accomplish numbers 1 and 7.

We also have a Covenant of Respectful Relations in our church. You can find it here.

Beyond the actual covenants though, is this idea of covenant itself. It is something that I promise. It holds integrity. And it holds me accountable. In the case of our UU covenants, they also create a high standard of expectations and behavior. The seven principles are like our UU version of the Golden Rule.

This is what informs how I respond to my neighbor who has pointed out that my fence is over the property line. As much as I would like to ignore the situation, tell them to wait because I am too busy, or egads, engage in a tit for tat, I can’t do that and maintain my integrity, my promise, my covenant.

Oh, how I fall short. Often. If covenants were easy, they probably wouldn’t exist. They hold us accountable to a set of expectations that help shape how we are with each other.

When is the last time you paused, thought about a situation, and used our UU principles as a guide? How would you respond to your neighbor whose project was being blocked by your fence?

Blessings in covenant,
Rev. Marian

P.S. I need your input…
Sunday’s service is about hope. If you were to write a letter about hope to younger generation(s) about where do you find hope, what wisdom would you offer? Email your letter (100-250 words) to me and we will include as many as we can in our service.

More hUUwarts fun. Thanks to Patricia Boughton and all the volunteers who helped transform Beach Hall into a Great Hall for all to enjoy.

Opportunities and Reminders

Need Help! Can you host???
Saturday, November 16, 7pm, Sanctuary
CONCERT: Bowling Green State University Men’s Chorus
$10 suggested donation
We are looking for overnight hosts for chorus members after the concert, feeding them breakfast, and bringing them back to church on Sunday morning to meet their bus. If interested in hosting, it is preferred you take at least two singers. Please contact Brandon Moss, brandon@firstuucolumbus.org, if you can help host.

Sunday, November 10, Beach Hall after Sunday services 
Free Book Exchange
Bring a book, take a book. Will Whicker

***Middle HourMiddle HourMiddle Hour***
It’s a happening place! Come early, stay late. There is something for everyone.

Middle Hour is an exciting and changing mix of Forums, Theme Talks, Learning Labs, Sampler Groups, Creative Space, Tabletop Conversations, and more! It all happens between services from 10:10–10:45.

Here is this week’s Middle Hour lineup:

LEARNING LAB (Room #301)
Personal Finances
Facilitator: Patricia Boughton

CREATIVE EXPRESSIONS (Room B – near kitchen)
a self-guided experience with crafts, drawing, writing…

TABLETOP CONVERSATIONS (Beach Hall near the windows)
Organized by Amber Scott and Kelli McNeal
Intentional conversations on an evolving set of topics.

You’re invited!
Pathways to Membership

In our Pathways classes, we give an overview of Unitarian Universalism and our congregation at First UU Columbus. We explain the next steps to becoming a member and what being a member of First UU means. We always recommend taking the class before deciding to join because of the valuable information provided in the class, and the wonderful connections you will make with your classmates. Your participation in the class does not obligate you to join but you will have the info you need and you’ll make new connections.

You are invited to register and participate on either: 

Saturday, Nov. 9th from 9am-1pm
Wednesday, Nov. 13th from 6pm-9pm

Clicking on either link above will take to you a short registration form. We are looking forward to the great conversations we will share!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kelli McNeal

Congregational Life Coordinator


For additional churchwide activities and events, please see First UU News (emailed on Fridays and in the Sunday Order of Service).

For information about family and child-focused events and classes, see the RE News (emailed to families and in the Sunday Order of Service).

Wednesday, November 6th, 6pm, Beach Hall
The Long, Strange, Trip—Our UU History
Led by Dana Reynolds, retired UU minister. This is a great way to learn about our UU development throughout the centuries. The series is ideal for those new to Unitarian Universalism, but it promises new surprises for those who have been UUs for a long time. In each session, we will view the DVD and have a discussion.

Thursday, November 7th, 6pm, Beach Hall
Flying Spaghetti Monster
This fundraiser is for the Mid-Ohio Foodbank and is sponsored by First UU ASH (Atheists, Skeptics and Humanists) and other secular groups in the Coalition of Reason. $10/adult, $5/child. We will have a bake sale, silent auction, and raffle. Entertainment will be provided by Karen Thimmes (piano) and Darla Munroe (emcee). Food donations will be accepted, besides donations of soap, toothpaste, and other necessities. Meal options will include gluten-free and vegan. Hope to see you there!

Friday, November 8th, 6:30pm, Beach Hall
SYC Auction
Enjoy an evening for grown-ups. Peruse the diverse offerings and bid! Childcare available for $10 while space is available. Full details at www.auction4syc.com or email auction4syc@gmail.com.

Wear your yellow LOVE shirts!
Saturday, November 9th, 7pm, Just North UCC
2040 Henderson Road, Columbus 43220
CONCERT for a CAUSE  (First UU is co-sponsor)
Featuring Sally Fingerett, award-winning singer songwriter, Sirens with Eric Gnedza as emcee.
Concert will benefit Honduran family living at Just North UCC.
Tickets: $20 adults; $40 family, under 12 free. Additional donations accepted.

Sunday, November 10th, 9 & 11am, Sanctuary
Letters of Hope
Rev. Marian (with Kevin & Cathy O’Neil, auction sermon winners)

The world is challenging and at times we don’t know where to turn. The question for today is, Where do you find hope? If you were to write a letter about hope to younger generation(s), what wisdom would you offer? Email your letter (100-250 words) to Rev. Marian. We will include as many as we can in our service.

Sunday, November 10th, 3pm, Sanctuary
Celebration of Life: Jamie Snyder Thompson 
Rev. Marian and Rev. Eric

Jamie, 49, was the daughter of the late Roger Snyder (frequent usher at First UU) and Brenda Snyder (regular attendee). Jamie leaves behind a loving husband of 27 years, children, and grandchildren.


UU Justice Ohio (UUJO) 2019 Annual Assembly: Envision Justice
Saturday, Nov. 9th, 10am–4pm,
Methodist Theological School (MTCO), Delaware, OH

Featuring: Rev. Dr. Jack Sullivan, Executive Directory, Ohio Council of Churches

Keynote: “Where There Is a Vision of Love and Justice, People Flourish”

Workshops: Transgender Justice, Immigration, Gerrymadering/Fair Voting Maps, Poverty, and discussion of “Those Things that Divide Us.

Lunch: provided by MTSO’s excellent farm-table program and includes vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore options.

Register: www.uujo.org

Sponsored by the First UU Archives Group
November 4, 1807
A group of Unitarian ministers in Worcester and Middlesex counties organized the Evangelical Missionary Society in Lancaster, MA, to counter Jedidah Morse’s diatribe against their growing liberalism. Its constitution said, “The great object of this society is to furnish the means of Christian knowledge and moral improvement to those inhabitants of our own country who are destitute or poorly provided.” It distributed Bibles and other publications.