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Ruby Linhan

Our church is a religious community that cares more about how we are together, in this lifetime, than we do about the existence of gods, goddesses, or what happens after we die. We encourage each other towards meaningful and just lives and seek to be … read more.

Wesley Thompson

Our church is a merger of the Unitarian and Universalist churches. Both churches have 500 year old roots as Christian churches that protested the excesses of dominant Christian churches. Since then, we have come to emphasize freethinking and we draw from many sources of spiritual … read more.

Chas Williams

My religion is Unitarian Universalism. We believe in a beloved community of faith, where we are all free to follow our own spiritual paths. We embrace diversity and inclusiveness. We are not ruled by a religious creed. We believe in the worth and dignity of … read more.

Debra Boyd

Unitarian Universalism holds the radical position that you are worthy just as you are and that together we can create a more peaceful, loving and just world for all. Come and be radically welcomed by a most hopeful group of people who believe that all … read more.

Tom Baillieul

We’re a congregation without an imposed creed or set of beliefs. Instead, we are expected to ask questions. Some of us look to the wisdom of the world’s religions, some the understandings provided by science. We recognize there is no singular truth, but rather many … read more.