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When asked “what is Unitarian Universalism,” many of us tend to say what it is not. In 2014, church members were asked to describe UUism, in 80 words or less. Here are their responses.

Dotte Turner

The UU Church is the best place for those religious, atheists, agnostics and humanists to freely explore, with each other, ideas about God and religion. Though diverse in beliefs, we UUs hold certain principles in common. We seek knowledge in freedom, promote justice with wisdom, … read more.

Susan Williams

We teach our children a greeting: Welcome to Unitarian Universalism. We are the people of the open mind, the loving heart and the helping hands.  We value open-minded theologies without creeds or dogma but rather with questions and doubts. We love justice and work to … read more.

Rich Rodoer

The Unitarians believe in one God, not the trinity. The Universalists believe that salvation is universal. The two merged in 1961. We are known for welcoming LGBTQ individuals, families, and communities. We perform union ceremonies and marriages for couples regardless of gender. There is often … read more.

Lester Jipp

An activist, sometimes in compassion to correct inequities, sometimes in concern, seeking alleviation of outright wrongs, my spirituality was always a part of my activism; however, as one alone. This pursuit was within a mainline denomination. Now, as a retired widower, Unitarian/Universalism fits me extremely well.  From within the … read more.

Kay Fisher

Our church is like a deeply rooted tree amongst other trees in the forest of the living. I am a branch, respecting the space of other branches.  We are nurtured by the same soil. Wind, rain, sun and ice touch us differently.  We grow at … read more.

Karen Squires

For many years, I attended services at the First UU Church.  I was attracted to their message because it is one of inclusion; everyone is welcome and everyone is part of the UU family. They make no judgments.  I was so impressed by the knowledge … read more.

Dennis Rankin

The UU church is a creed/dogma free church which promotes an independent approach to thinking in today’s religions.  It is forward thinking, providing a liberal approach to questions regarding life and spirit, with an emphasis on social justice.  It is a diverse church in that allows the … read more.

David Krohn

We have a doctrine, a sacrament and a prayer, but they are all actions.  Love is the doctrine of my church.  The quest for truth is our sacrament.  Service is our prayer.  We try to dwell together in peace, to seek knowledge in freedom and … read more.

Bob Letcher

UU is an approach to human life that emphasizes humans’ capacity for doing together. UUs view humans as learning agents who are 1) capable of working together to remedy the confounding moral challenges that they seem inclined to inflict upon each other and Spaceship: EARTH, … read more.

Beth McCreary

I believe there is one (Unitarian) life-giving force in the universe to which we are all (Universalist) necessarily connected.  Unitarian Universalists gather in community to celebrate this connectedness and to encourage behavior that respects and cares for all life and the environment upon which we … read more.