Speaker: Rev. Eric Meter

Rev. Eric Meter is Associate Minister at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus

Safety is Not Enough

Safety, though a human need, is never enough. In fact, alone it alone it becomes a trap. It needs to be balanced by a willingness to be brave.

The Meandering Path (Labyrinth Service)

The Labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tool which mirrors the otten circuitous path of our lives. This morning, let’s explore the wisdom and the creative possibilities walking a labyrinth provides as we close out one year and welcome a new one.

One Step, Smile, Candle at at Time

As nights are at their longest, we don’t look only to candles to light our spirits, we look to the compassion of others as well. One step and smile at a time.

Beloved Community

Rev. Eric will discuss, What do we UUs mean by “Beloved Community”?  Using the Israeli/Palestinian co-production of “Sesame Street” from 20 years ago as a backdrop, lets take a look at this thing we call Beloved Community.

Remembrance Sunday

This morning we continue our annual tradition of welcoming those we carry with us in spirit. Please bring a photo of, or another object representing, those we still love who are no longer with us.

Recognition Day

Columbus Day, Indiginous Peoples Day – which most deserves our notice? The act of paying attention is one of the most valuable skills we have in creating a culture worthy of our best selves. How, then, can we best use it do so?